How to tell if a guy likes you using Real Astrology

How to tell if a guy likes you using Real Astrology

Updated January 17, 2018
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Yes, you can tell if a guy likes you by using real astrology. Whether a guy likes you depends on how he sees you in his head, his own perception of you. This usually has nothing to do with the type of person you really are. A guy decides to like you based on his impression of you that takes place in his head.

Think about it…when you walk into someone’s home for the first time, you get an immediate impression based on what you see there. The impression that you form is not based on the actual personality or character of the person; rather, it’s based on your perception of their home. How you see their home.

Similarly, when we are around a person for the first time, we form an impression of them based on the vibes we get. These vibes are not imaginary. Like the energy that attracts and repels magnets, energy between humans either attracts or repels us from each other. When we form an impression of someone, we are simply reacting to the natural energy flowing between us.

Astrology is the unique language of that energy. Astrology’s symbols are made just for that, to interpret this energy that flows across our universe.

When it comes to relationships, we can use astrology to interpret the interplay of energy between two people by comparing their birth charts.

We humans have compartments of our lives that we call “houses.” Some compartments are work, home, family, school, entertainment, spirituality, community groups, public life, private life, finances, a subconscious compartment, etc…

When you put your birth chart over your partner’s birth chart, your planets will “enter” some of those houses in his birth chart. Likewise, when you put his birth chart over your birth chart, his planets will “enter” some of your houses.

That’s the secret to knowing if a guy likes you. Each house gives off different vibes, and each planet responds differently to the vibes of each house. When you know where his planets fall in your own birth chart houses, you will know, more or less, how he perceives you.

This method of comparing the birth charts of two people is called house overlays, which is a part of Synastry.

Caution: house overlays do not show how well you get along together, or how awesome you really are. This only shows the impression someone forms of you in their head based on how your energy rubs them.

If you’d rather see how well two people get along together, try the free compatibility report.

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