Top 12 Reasons To Love Venus

Top 10 Reasons to Love Venus

Updated June 4, 2019
By Corrine Lane     2 Comments

(Find out your Venus sign.)

Venus in Aries believes in love at 1st sight. She makes romantic fantasies happen.

Venus in Taurus is always herself, a quality lover who plays for keeps.

Venus in Gemini says the nicest things in the most charming way.

Venus in Cancer loves you with the magnitude of motherly love. Could you ask for more?

Venus in Leo showers you with gifts and wants lasting love.

Venus in Virgo pays so much attention to each nuance about you. She’s devoted to you.

Venus in Libra knows how to dress well, speak well, and be nice to everyone.

Venus in Scorpio is a sex goddess who would die for you. I take back what I said for Venus in Cancer.

Idealistic Venus in Sagittarius sees you as the perfect partner on a pedestal. She easily overlooks your flaws.

Sensual Venus in Capricorn promises to take care of you. She greatly appreciates your loyalty and faithfulness.

Venus in Aquarius lets you live your life. She sees sex as art and she wants to paint with you.

Venus in Pisces, lover in distress, is yours for the rescue.

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  1. Richard Francis on said:

    What is the best match for an Aries (male) in a relationship? And would you consider the mutable signs tohave a much better, unique personality than a cardinal sign.

  2. could someone make one of these for each of the planets??? v fun

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