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Neptune in the Fourth House

It is not particularly pleasant to be so low in the Heavens, but on the whole, he is not unsympathetic to Cancer, the natural sign occupying that position, and of course all planets are strong and angular. With regard to the father of the native, he is indicated as being an eccentric person and perhaps worthless; very likely he took to drink or became insane. It is quite probable that his early life was rendered unhappy by the abnormal conditions prevailing in the home. As a child, the native is probably very much out of sympathy with his environment. Solitude will have presented much attraction. There will have been little inclination for the company of other children. The imagination will have been peopled with fantastic creatures of another world, invisible playmates, and the dreams were probably strange, fascinating and yet frightful. There was no fear of being left alone in the dark; on the contrary, the child will have felt that only when its parents left it to itself it was free to take up its individual life. The fairy world may have seemed entirely objective and any attempts to disillusion the child or to punish it for its strange ways, might result in serious mental damage. In some cases these tendencies may persist in adult life, though in a modified form. The native may possibly enjoy solitary, contemplative sports, such as fishing. His principal pleasure may consist in long, lonely rambles at night in deserted places. These characteristics, although unusual, are not to be regarded as in any way objectionable. Provided that the personality is strong and the mind well-balanced, such peculiarities may be very helpful. Much of the best thinking in the world is done under such conditions. The fourth house of heaven refers also to the grave, and it may be found that people who have Neptune in this position die far from home in strange places and perhaps under very extraordinary conditions. Those acquainted with the secret history of the great know the amazing story of the death of President Felix Faure who had this configuration. There is not necessarily any indication of violent death, but it is not unlikely that there may be mysterious circumstances – in one case it may imply a public funeral, in another a post-mortem, and in yet another a burial at sea. Another matter connected with the fourth house is inheritance, and here one must regard Neptune as decidedly unfortunate, for Neptune is always tricky and the principal virtue of any inheritance is that it should come to you smoothly, and straightforwardly without any bother or worry. But if the native have Neptune here, particularly under afflictions of Mars or Jupiter, the inheritance may be contested on all sorts of flimsy and fantastic pretext, and delays, or even partial loss (in bad cases, total loss) may be expected. All things pertaining to the earth itself and to those things which are hidden in the earth are also indicated by the fourth house, and here again Neptune is not propitious. The native is very likely to be tricked in any dealings which he may have with real estate, building speculation, or mining: propositions. All such affairs, however open they may seem upon the surface, will have certain hidden disadvantages which only appear later, when the mischief is already done. Persons born with Neptune in this position should be extremely careful not to play any tricks with the consciousness. They may suffer severely from insomnia, but they must on no account attempt to seek relief from narcotic drugs, even those reputed most harmless, for there is it peculiarity in their constitution which may make a dose that the majority of people could take with immunity, fatal to them. Surgical operations, even of the slightest character, are also to be dreaded, more especially in Neptune is afflicted by Mars, or if Mars himself is weak in the horoscope. A mere scratch might bring on blood-poisoning and in the case of larger operations, the utmost precaution should be taken in the administration of anaesthetics. The end of life is also described by the fourth house. Persons having Neptune in this position may expect a somewhat lonely old age. They will probably outlive those who are near and dear to them, and there may be a strong tendency to melancholy in consequence of this. The mental forces too may be impaired; in particular, the memory will become very weak and unreliable. The native is not likely to be settled in one place: he will move about aimlessly, actuated by the curiously childish impulses that are associated with certain types of senility but such gradual decay need not be unhappy. The second childhood will be full of pleasant fancies, possibly similar to those which characterized the early years of life, though naturally modified, to some extent, by the experiences of that life. The fourth house also indicates the mother-in-law and the student may refer to what is said about the mother in the tenth house as similar remarks will apply.

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