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Uranus in the Sixth House

The principal indication of the sixth house, being the health of the native, it is to be expected that the presence of Uranus will cause strange subtle and sometimes sudden and violent diseases. In most cases these will be nervous or in some way affecting the will of the native, interfering with the connection between his sensory and motor apparatuses. The form which such a malady may take is not to be determined off-hand, but requires careful study of the sign on the cusp of the house and its ruler. For example, the presence of Uranus in Aries on the cusp of this house presumably determined the deafness which has afflicted Edison, since Aries rules the head. The square of the moon to Uranus seems to indicate an affliction of the sensory rather than of the motor apparatus. Had Mars been afflicted thus, the trouble would probably have come through some form of paralysis.

The native should be extremely careful with regard to his health and keep himself in the best possible condition to resist disease when it actually arrives. Its onset is likely to he so sudden and unexpected, as a general rule, that precautions against it other than those indicated above, are likely to be useless. It is obviously no good to take an umbrella into the trenches. Pains should therefore be taken to live a life as free as possible from strain or worry , and the company): of such people as jar upon the nerves is not to be endured with much patience as if no such threat to the stability of the system were in existence.

The sixth house also refers to servants, and, on the whole, the presence of Uranus is very unfavourable. Unless the native is a man of very strong character, his servants are likely to be better men than he is and to become his masters. The difficulties of Mary Queen of Scots ,..nth her subjects may have been due to this cause. Generally speaking there is liability to unexpected and unfortunate happenings in this connection. It is not that Uranus is malefic as such; we have seen that he is not; the point is that the idea of the servant normally precludes that of individuality, originality and independence. You do not want an inferior to do your thinking for you, you want him to do exactly what he is told and nothing else. Where, therefore, he insists on being himself, he becomes useless to you. The same remarks apply, to a certain extent, to every class of person with whom one may be thrown, from one’s own father or wife, to a mere acquaintance. You want to know exactly what the other person is going to do and Just so far as this is not the case, do you feel uneasy with regard to them.

The sixth house also indicates ‘ambassadors’, and this word may be taken, in extreme cases, to include inspiration. Messages are likely to come to the native from all sorts of Important people and if he be in a position requiring the patronage of the great, he will probably obtain it. This is instanced by Wagner and Kant. The general liability of Uranus to upset things suddenly applies, however, also to all such affairs. The native cannot count upon the continued support of the great, as he could were Jupiter in this position. Exceptional aspects may, of course, modify the judgment. If for example, Jupiter were the lord of the sixth and true to Uranus, the combination would be ideal.

Uranus will indicate the character of the servants of the ambassador, and it will frequently occur that these persons are mentally or morally defective, or at the very least. eccentric. In the case of Mary Queen of Scots, the characters of Darnley and Bothwell to take only two of a host, were far from being all that could be desired, while with regard to Wagner, Ludwig II of Bavaria is an extreme example of what the malice of Uranus can achieve. One may remark, moreover, upon the character of old King Leopold in connection with the case of Cleo de Merode, who also had this position. It would perhaps be going too far, to comment upon the notorious proclivities of Frederick, when considering the case of Kant.

The sixth house referring to speculative investment as distinguished from pure gambling for the love of the thing, we find Uranus exhibiting the same characteristics, mutatis mutandis, as in other matters. The native is likely to conceive great ideas, the carrying out of which will be liable to very great vicissitudes.

So far as the sixth house refers to small animals, the indication is that the native is not likely to be particularly successful in farming or breeding. Unfortunate accidents will constantly interfere with his success.

So far as the house refers to apparel, the presence of Uranus will produce all kinds of eccentricity. The same peculiarities as are expressed by the presence of Uranus in the Ascendant, will be translated into terms of costume when he is in the sixth house.

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