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Uranus in the Twelfth House

In the twelfth house, the effect of Uranus is very important. There is a certain secrecy about his method of action which agrees very well with the character of the house. So far, however, as secret enemies are connoted, the outlook is bad. For it gives to such the utmost freedom of activity. At all sorts of unexpected times they will spring upon you from behind and pull you down unless you are very careful. On the other hand if your Uranus is well dignified, it may make you a personage of the utmost importance in secret societies, or as a conductor of negotiations which depend upon any kind of trickiness or deception and also upon silence.

The house signifies confinement and detention and for this reason, Uranus giving the governmental qualities, it is likely that the native will hold an official position in such places as asylums, hospitals, prisons, work-houses, and even in out-of-the-way places. For example, he might be called upon to administer a remote district in the Sahara or some similar solitude. Even in minor matters, this might operate, causing mishaps, leading to delays and detention in inaccessible spots.

The native should be very careful as to whom he gives his confidence to. He is extremely apt to trust the wrong person. The hostile character of the house in most respects, is likely to cause the native serious trouble in many ways. In extreme cases he may be in danger of assassination. In others, of imprisonment or of exile. An example of the last Victor Hugo, who has Uranus on the cusp of the twelfth house and spent a great portion of his life in exile. The same remark is true of Dante, though in his case the planet IS well within the house. As an example of assassination, we have the son of the late King of Portugal, Dom Carlos, who was shot while riding through the streets of Lisbon with his royal father.

The cases of Erasmus and Bernard Shaw are a little difficult to place. It must be remembered in these remarks upon the positions of the planets in the. houses that very often the trine is not exact and that the difference of a very few minutes may bring a planet with in the sphere of the next house. In both of these cases, it seems as if the position of Uranus was such that the more important parts of his influence at least belong to the Ascendant. But yet, we may say that Erasmus was constantly in danger of imprisonment and that Shaw has been all his life exceedingly unpopular with the more respectable classes of the community and that many attempts have doubtless been made to overthrow him. In particular, since the breaking out of the Great ~War, he has been in more or less continual danger of assassination.

In the case of Strauss, the conjunction of the Sun with Uranus does much to modify this particular part of the influence since the nature of the Sun is wholly opposed in every point to that of the twelfth house.

A final remark is that danger is to be apprehended by the native in any dealings with large wild animals. It is probable that he will have great power over them, but at any moment a violent end is likely.

For example a man might become a splendid rider only in the end to be thrown from his horse and killed. Or he might acquire great reputation as a hunter of big game, and in the end fall a victim to his temerity. The atmosphere of Uranus is always one of adventure and of hair-breadth escapes. In whatever house he may be situated, this influence is pretty sure to manifest itself.

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