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Readings Of The Twelve Signs

Astrology wheels/charts showing compatible signs trine triplicities, elements, and incompatible squares quadruplicities, modalities

The four triangles within the zodiacal circle indicate the four “triplicities,” viz: the fiery, the earthy, the airy and the watery. The fire signs are (follow the triangle) Aries, Leo and Sagittarius; the earth signs, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn; the air signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius; the water signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Those are the elementary natures of the signs.

The three squares indicate the constitutional natures thus: The cardinal signs (also termed movable, or active) Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn; the fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius; the common (or mutable) signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

These elements are an index to the sign readings, same as the horoscope is an index to a life reading.


  Aries , the Ram: March 21 to April 20.

Quick and daring in thought and action, lively and energetic. Impulsive, enthusiastic, self-assertive and aggressive. Venturesome, resistful of control. Very determined. Excitable, and fiery in temper.

When ascending (in addition to the above) the body is generally lean, but strong and enduring and of average height with wiry brown or reddish hair, light complexion. A broad forehead and pointed chin. A keen eye. A brisk lively gait. Liable to hurts about the head and face, and loss of hair.


  Taurus , the Bull: April 20 to May 21.

Determined, patient, slow, plodding, thorough, methodical and practical. Reserved, firm and unchangeable. Slow to anger but furious when angered. Great vitality and endurance. Fond of good eating, especially rich foods, ease and comfort.

When ascending, the body is generally stout and rather below the average height. A round thick neck and round face. Dark hair. Eyes dark, large and pensive. A measured, decisive step. Liable to throat afflictions.

If born about May 19, especially if close to sunrise the eyesight is afflicted.


Gemini , the Twins: May 21 to June 22.

Very adaptable and versatile. Kind, congenial, tactful and inoffensive. Great readers and talkers. Inquiring. Quick witted, and quick to learn. Changeable, restless, and dislikes to be alone.

When ascending, the body is straight and generally slender and rather tall. Dark hair and brown eyes. Long arms and hands that are always busy with something. In short, Gemini persons are exceptionally expressive in hands, feet, eyes and tongue. Well shaped forehead, oval face. Liable to hurts about the arms and shoulders.


Cancer , the Crab: June 22 to July 23.

Very tenacious and very prudent. Receptive, sensitive, sympathetic, shy and reserved. Strongly attached to home. Morbidly introspective. Fond of history and tradition. Often collecting antiques and curiosities. Intuitive. Negative and mediumistic.

When ascending, gives a body of medium height, weak and unproportionate, a large upper body and slender limbs. Hair brown, complexion sandy or pale, and blue eyes. A round face. Crablike manners and a graceless gait. Liable to digestive troubles.


Leo , the Lion; July 23 to August 23.

Forceful, magnetic, generous, and impulsive. Strong and ardent love natures. Moved through the heart rather than through reason. Commanding, resolute, courageous and high spirited. Sometimes boastfully asserting his superiority. A staunch friend and a noble enemy.

When ascending, the body is usually large, well built and of a stately carriage. Ruddy complexion, light brown or golden hair and blue or gray eyes. A sonorous voice, and elastic step. Liable to hurts to the back.

The days about July 28 and August 18 give weak eyes, especially when born close to sunrise.


Virgo , the Virgin: August 23 to September 23.

Critical and discriminating. Fastidious about food. Alert, inquisitive, ingenious, studious, industrious and smart. Neat and orderly. Fond of the artistic. Apt in the languages and elocution. Good business abilities.

When ascending, the body is rather short. The face appears triangular, the forehead being broad and well formed. Dark brown hair, brown or gray eyes and a sallow complexion. Somewhat jerky movements in walking. Liable to stomach troubles.


Libra , the Balance: September 23 to October 23.

Intuitive, perceptive, impartial, just and harmonious. Amiable and diplomatic. Comparing and reasoning. Artistic aptitude. Loves music, singing and dancing. Changeable, and moody and somewhat fickle. Light and suave. Inclined to build castles in the air. Easily disturbed like the balance.

When ascending, the body is generally above medium height, in youth slender and growing stout in later years. Symetric form and fair complexion. Brown or dark hair and blue eyes. Head and face of fine proportions. Square faced. Polite and graceful deportment. Weak kidneys and the small of the back.


Scorpio , the Scorpion: October 23 to November 22.

Cunning, secretive, austere and determined. Ardent love natures. Self-centered, jealous, resentful, vindictive and uncompromising. Ever ready with stinging sarcasm. Industrious, strong willed and self-assertive. Silent, subtle, tricky, and surprisingly heroic in danger.

When ascending, the body is large boned and stout, strong and robust. Hair and complexion dark. Eyes dark, sharp and penetrating. Square face and large teeth. Abrupt in manners. Determined steps in walking. Liable to troubles with the genitals.


Sagittarius , the Archer: November 22 to December 22.

Direct and outspoken. Benevolent, hearty “good fellows,” democratic, unceremonious and very independent. Unconventional, impulsive, sympathetic and ever ready to help a good cause along. Given to prophecy. Love sport and the outdoor life.

When ascending, the body is generally tall, of athletic build. Dark brown hair and dark eyes, sometimes gray. An open genial contour. Oval face. A carefree carriage. Liable to hurts to hips and thighs.

The days about November 30 and December 16 and 19 give weak eyes, especially if birth is close to sunrise.


Capricorn , the Goat: December 22 to January 20.

Capricious, suspicious and melancholic. Industrious, persevering, orderly and systematic. Conventional, economical, selfish and ever on the alert and aspiring for material benefits and positions. Organizing and managing aptitudes.

When ascending, the body is weak, but tenacious to life. Small stature, ill-formed, dark complexion, dark brown or black hair and small dark piercing eyes. Thin neck and pointed features. Liable to consumption, and weak knees, apparent in the walk.


Aquarius , the Man: January 20 to February 19.

Humane, kind and obliging, constant and reliable. Retiring, refined, artistic, studious and inventive. Quiet, extremely sensitive and subject to psychological conditions and impressions. Natural readers of human nature. Lovers of science, literature and art and well at home in cultured society.

When ascending, the body is seldom above medium, of fine build, round features, rather delicate. Sandy or dark flaxen hair. Restful eyes. Calm and reflective manners. Liable to injury to the legs.


Pisces , the Fishes: February 19 to March 21.

Sensitive and very mediumistic. Sympathetic and gentle. Negative, shy, timid, loyal and dependent. Confiding and trustful. Easily led. Fond of sensation and inclined to drift. Lovers of peace, ease and security. Habitually live in their feelings.

When ascending, gives a small stature, fleshy, weak and tired. Brown hair and water colored eyes. Round face and small teeth. Walks with a waddling gait. Frequently troubled with their feet.

The days about February 27 give weak eyesight, especially if born close to sunrise.

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