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Birth Chart of Edward VIII, The Prince
Sample Map. The Prince of Wales (Edward VIII)

THE third degree of Aquarius (♒︎) is the rising sign in the Prince’s map—that is, the sign of the Zodiac which was rising in the East at the moment of birth. For the purposes of Astrology each sign is divided into 30 degrees. By following the circle round this map, starting from the Ascendant upwards, you meet the other Zodiacal signs in order just as you find them in the imaginary “belt” of the Heavens. Capricorn (♑︎), Sagittarius (♐︎), which occupies a larger space and gives us the important cusp of the Midheaven, then Scorpio (♏︎), Libra (♎︎), Virgo, which occupies a smaller space and is called “intercepted” (♍︎), then Leo (♌︎) on the cusp of the seventh “house,” exactly opposite the Ascendant. All these are “above the earth”; and it is considered more fortunate to have the planets in this upper portion of the horoscope. Counting downwards again from Leo we come to Cancer (♋︎); then Gemini (♊︎), occupying two positions like the corresponding Sagittarius above; then Taurus (♉︎), Aries (♈︎), Pisces (♓︎), intercepted like its opposite sign Virgo; and this brings us to the Ascendant again.

The horoscope itself is also divided into certain spaces, each with its own significance, the divisions being called houses, and measuring 30°. The sign upon each division governs that house, by virtue of the special planet belonging to the sign. Hence, in the Prince’s map, the Ascendant ♒︎ has Saturn for its planet, and therefore Saturn is the Ruler of the whole map. You then look for the position of Saturn among the houses, and you find him in the eighth house in … 18°, this sign being on the cusp of that division. The “cusp” of a house is its strongest part. Its influence is said to extend 5° on either side, and any planet situated in this portion will show out the characteristics of that house strongly. In this case Saturn is well placed, because Libra is a sign with which he has affinity—it is his “exaltation” sign; so one may judge that the fine qualities of the planet, its prudence, perseverance, and faithfulness will be marked in the character. It is from the signs and the planets that occupy them that one judges the native’s temperament and character. The houses show the environment into which the native is born, and which may either help to bring out the best that is in him or may seriously handicap the expression of his powers. There is nothing more interesting than the study of these cross influences in a person’s map. Here is the real battlefield of human fate; here are the influences by which character achieves its highest triumphs over circumstance; here we see how the moral citadel may succumb again and again to temptation even while another set of influences is urgent for its defence. A man’s horoscope shows what he has to live with, and what, if he achieves greatness, he has to overcome. Some are, of course, more heavily handicapped than others; but in every one there are also some of the elements necessary for conquest and success.

In the Prince’s map, Saturn is in the eighth house, a house governing inheritance and possessions; and it is trine to Jupiter in the fourth house, bearing upon the parents; an indication of the fortunate circumstances which have surrounded him from his birth.

Equal in importance with the ruling planet are the positions of the Sun and Moon. The luminaries should always be considered with regard to the native’s health. The Sun is the giver of vitality, and it is fortunate to find it free from affliction. The Moon undoubtedly has a great influence upon health, especially perhaps with women. In every bad mental case I have found an afflicted Moon. In the Prince’s map there is a trine—the best of all the good or harmonious aspects—between the Sun and Moon. This is an admirable aspect, more especially as the Moon is rising in the first house. Such an aspect enables a native to overcome severe illnesses, and it is fortunate for marriage and general success. On the other hand, the Sun has the square—a malefic aspect—of Mars, and as Mars is near the Ascendant also, the life will not be free from conflict. The Sun (by virtue of its own sign Leo being on the cusp of the seventh house) influences marriage and relationships, while Mars influences both the second house (money) and the ninth house (ruled by the sign Scorpio). The ninth house has a great deal to do with the mind, and here no doubt we have the explanation of that gay fearlessness tinged with a dash of imprudence which characterises the Prince as a rider. This is an instance of those conflicting tendencies which have such play in us all. Mars with its lack of restraint, its passion and impetuosity constantly leading into danger, while Saturn contributes at least an equal share of sobriety and prudence as a drag upon the wheel. The Moon has another fine aspect in its trine to the planet Uranus on the cusp of the ninth house. This I have always found to be a remarkable position. Two different streams of tendency seem to be associated with this strange planet. Mystics certainly come under its influence, while it is equally the planet of Science. A Moon in the quiet, sympathetic and rather “inward” sign Pisces, applying to the planet Uranus (and in this instance the trine will show out later in life) will incline powerfully to the study of mysticism or of the natural sciences, and to great pleasure derived therefrom. In fact Uranus (although it is retrograde) may be said to be the dominating factor in the Prince’s mentality. It connotes an originality of mind and judgment—a dislike of any “narrow way.” When Uranus is badly aspected, there is always the tendency towards the extreme left in conduct and opinion; but here it is well placed, and its influences are balanced by the restraining power of Saturn. The Prince will always “keep the line.”

The indications as regards health are as mixed as the other aspects, but on the whole they make for good. The cusp of the sixth house is held by Cancer, and it is therefore governed by the Moon, while Mercury occupies the house. This brings the Moon and its aspects again into prominence as regards health, while Mercury is practically without any aspects. It is the ruler, however, of the fourth, which is occupied by the beneficent Jupiter and the “dark horse” Neptune, so that any strong aspect to Mercury as life advances is likely to affect the health.

The Ascendant Aquarius no doubt contributes to the geniality and cheerfulness which are the lovable characteristics of the Prince of Wales. Aquarius endows its natives with some fine qualities—love of truth among them, and devotion to duty. Also it bestows a gaiety of spirit and sense of humour, which are precious possessions in every walk of life.

This brief and sketchy reading is only intended as an indication of the method to be employed in drawing deductions from any given horoscope. The golden rule is to examine every single factor, and then to balance each one by the rest. It takes time and practice, but there is no other way. One’s own map is no doubt the best to learn upon, and every student must be his own Astrologer if he would reap the full benefit from the knowledge which the science reveals.

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