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IN the interests of the race and of the individual it is earnestly to be hoped that Astrology may be included in the education of the future. It is open to any unprejudiced person to look into the question for himself and to bring any severe test to the study. And I do not think there is anyone after the careful study of, say, a dozen horoscopes belonging to people whose lives he knew well, who would not be profoundly impressed by the coincidences. And if it is true, then undoubtedly it should be made use of, if only to try to prevent some of life’s tragic mistakes. To neglect it recalls the saying of Ruskin, “I do not wonder at what men suffer, but I do wonder at what they lose.”

The most common consideration that militates against the study of one’s own “directions” may, I think, be summed up as Fear. As one person said to me, “It would be so dreadful to see trouble coming along.” And another, “It is my fear of the Unknown that keeps me from it.” So perhaps there are some people of the type styled by William James “the tender-minded”—as opposed to the “tough-minded”—who might let the study get on their nerves unless there were a promise of fair weather all along the line. For them it had better be left alone. It is no use forcing the pace mentally or spiritually. But I have known several instances among quite normal, “everyday” people where a study of their maps was of enormous help and comfort. Here is an example. The married life of two acquaintances of mine was threatened by aspects boding trouble to both. In one map was a conjunction of the Sun and Uranus threatening estrangements; and in the other Venus was in opposition to Saturn in the seventh house. Moreover, the planet was moving very slowly, a point of great importance, and which renders an Ephemeris for a person’s year of birth an absolute necessity in judging the after directions. Only one of these people was an Astrologer—the wife. She saw the Saturn and Venus aspect from the marriage house in her own map, and knew that a critical time was in store. Under the Uranian influence, her husband seemed a changed being. He became uncertain in temper, suspicious and unreliable. Affection seemed to have waned. For two years life was a struggle, but, largely owing to the wife’s foreknowledge, it was eventually won. She was able to meet with more or less philosophy those difficulties in the relationship which would have caused amazed resentment in an ordinary case. She was enabled to say to herself continually, “This will pass out of our lives. I won’t let it spoil them. I must hold on and wait for better times.” It is in this way that one can learn to control one’s fate. These times of trial will come; but if one learns all that there is to learn from them, that bit is, as it were, cast astern, and as an experience is done with for ever. Thus even a bad aspect is the native’s opportunity, and can be made an occasion for developing the stronger virtues of resistance and control. And there is probably nothing in all human life more beneficial than a fine aspect understood and hailed with the expansive movement of a joyful soul.

Among the lesser ills of life there is perhaps nothing so maddening as the hindrances and delays which come under the vibrations of Saturn. In Chapter II mention was made of the prolonged transit of Saturn which has marked the years 1923 and 1924. Here is a case showing how these things will work, and how greatly philosophy is needed for their endurance.

A friend of mine was to be treated for the remedy of a bad facial burn. It would, of course, necessitate a series of operations and intermediate treatment. Being poor she was obliged to be a hospital case, and she had to wait three months before a bed could be given her. Meanwhile Saturn by progression had arrived on the cusp of her progressed Ascendant. This in itself was not particularly cheerful; but also there was that transit moving backwards and forwards upon the cusp itself. The aspect was therefore “excited” into activity. The delays that happened in this case really staggered even an Astrologer. First, she was “held up” in the hospital because the operator was not well and couldn’t operate. Delay No. 1. Then the surgeon found that he couldn’t do as much as he intended, as a tiny ulcer had suddenly formed upon the lower lip. So she was discharged that time. The next time something more was done, but again not as much as was anticipated. The surgeon thought he would like to wait and see how the first bit turned out. And that week there was the eclipse of the Moon in 29° Leo (on February 20th, 1924). This fell in exact opposition to the patient’s Ascendant and Saturn. She left the hospital, but the operation was not a success. The surgeon promised that she should go in again in a few weeks’ time. A month passed, and then she wrote, but he had gone away on important business. Another interval, and again she wrote. This time he was too busy catching up with his work, and there was no bed to spare. Three weeks later, she heard that the surgeon had now gone for three weeks’ holiday. As far as I know, she is still waiting. Meanwhile she lost her work through the delay, and had to borrow money to keep herself going. It is a characteristic case of the hindrances of Saturn. And yet she will come through them. Underneath it all Nature is healing, and her mind ripening, for she is using the time for several useful things. It is possible that the hindering influences may continue in force for some months longer, but like most other “bad” directions they can be controlled.

So that, in conclusion, one would say to every student of Astrology: Remember that we can do much for ourselves and for others by the conscientious study of the Science. Let each one make it a practice to work with the good vibrations, and he will soon find that the bad ones lose something of their sting. It is in the power of most of us to gain mastery over the impulses of Mars and the despondency of Saturn.

In the first book of the Odyssey, the Father of Gods and Men addresses these pregnant words to his comrades:

“See, O Gods, how these Mortals complain of us, seeing in us the Source of all their evils, while it is they who by their deeds of rashness bring upon themselves the THINGS OUTSIDE THEIR FATE!”

And it is even so to-day.

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