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Year: 1676

By William Lilly

Consideration 142 of Guido Bonatus

  1. 142nd Consideration is, To observe in Nativities and general questions, the gifts and good advantages bestowed on men by the Planets: because those are applied more easily to them, and continue longer extended to their successors, according as they are well disposed in the Radicas of their Nativities; but they are seldom exceeding great, unless when applied by fortunate fixed Stars; because being of a more swift mutability they have ca closer affinity with them, especially if proceeding from the inferior Planets; for their conformity with men, their correlative subjects. Those of the Superiors last not so long with men but in building of houses they are much better than the other.

    Of the Good given by Saturn and Other Planets, etc.

    Saturn Oriental and well disposed, that is strong and in Reception, gives great fortune in building, planting trees requiring a long growth, in manuring ground, erecting waterworks and the like. Jupiter gives good luck in Sciences such as the Law; and Dignities, being made a Bishop, a Judge, or the like. Mars in leading forth of Armies, etc. Sol in Lay Preferments, as Kingdoms, Governments, etc.

    But the Lower Planets bestow their gifts inherent to men and more durable: as Venus, in the attempts of women, their ornaments, courting them, etc. Mercury in trading, writing, etc. The Moon in navigation, planting vines, using drinks, selling wine, etc. All these, I say are excellently well bestowed by the Planets advantageously posited, and endure longer, that is to say, The prosperities given by the Moon may continue to the 7th year or generation, because she is the 7th planet reckoning downwards: and if they pass the 7th age or generation they cannot exceed the 8th as suppose from the 42nd year to the 45th year including those of Mercury may endure to the 6th age, being the 6th from Saturn, but will scare hold out of the 7th. Those of Venus to the 5th age, she being the 5th Planet from Saturn: but will not exceed the 6th. Those of the Sun to the 4th age. Those of Mars to the 3rd age. Those of Jupiter to the 2nd age. Those of Saturn only for one age, and cannot transcend; nay seldom reach the 3rd. And though I say they may continue so long, yet do I not say they shall not be finished before, for as Aristotle says, There are terms that cannot be passed over: yet he does not say but that they may be prevented and come short off so in these cases; and further, when I say that they cannot continue longer, I mean without vanishing wholly, or so depressed, that it will be no more like what was before, than green or russet to a perfect white unless by chance something from another cause happens anew; which seldom changes, nor can truly be said to be the same. But quite another thing from the first. Hence comes perhaps the common observation; that goods or possessions ill got, never abide to the 5th or 3rd age: many that use that proverb not knowing whence it comes to pass but only because they have heard others say so or seen it often happen thus. But from what we have here laid down, some reason may be given; for ill gotten goods count such as are got by way of Usury, Lies, Deceit, Theft, Repine, and the Like.


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