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Anima Astrologiae



Year: 1676

By William Lilly

Considerations of Guido Bonatus (91-98)

  1. The 91st Consideration is, To observe in Questions or Nativities, whether Mars be in any of the Angles of the Figure, especially in Fixed Signs; or when Scorpio Ascends, for then he destroys all the good signified by that question, or at least much impedes and diminishes it; Unless Jupiter behold him with a Trine or Sextile; for then his malice is mitigated; but yet as Jupiter is either strong or weak.
  2. The 92nd is to Observe in Nativities and Questions especially of death, whether the Lord of the House of Death, or Significator of Death, Lord of the House in which the Lord of the Eighth is posited, applies to the Significator of the Native or Querent, or he to them; because a Planet so affected becomes the destroyer of Life, and kills as well if it be a Fortune as an Infortune, and that whether there be a Reception or not.
  3. The 93rd is to Consider, If the Question concerns a thing that one would desire of another, or that one would get out of a secret hidden place, whether the Significator of the Querent, or thing inquired after, behold Saturn or is corporally joined to him; or whether Saturn be in the house of the thing inquired after? For then the business will hardly be done, or not without much labour and trouble, and more tediousness than the Querent can imagine.
  4. The 94th is to Consider, In Questions, &c. whether the Significator of the thing inquired about be Cadent from the Ascendant, or other Angles, or from the house that signifies the thing or business sought after, or its Lord? Or whether he be Retrograde, or in a bad condition with the Sun, or whether there be in the said house, signifying the thing inquired after, a Planet Cadent, or Retrograde, or in such ill condition with the Sun, or in an ill place from him, or ill aspected by him; for any of these things signify a hindrance to the thing, although otherwise the Question seems good and probable.
  5. The 95th is Whether the Planets signifying the thing sought, join mutually with each other; for that signifies it will be done; yet, be not too confident to judge so, till thou hast well weighed the nature of the sign wherein they are joined, whether it be of their own nature; for then it will be easy, otherwise difficulty; or scarce at all.
  6. The 96th is to Consider in Questions which seem to show, that what is enquired after shall be perfected, whether the Significator of the thing, and the Moon are in Angles; for if they both be above 25 degrees from Angles, it will not be accomplished; but if one shall and the other shall not be so far off, then it may be done but with difficulty, unless it be a journey; which will speed well enough if the significator be remote from Angles.
  7. The 97th is to Consider, in what climate thou receivest the Question; for judgment must be varied as the ascensions of Countreys and climates differ, there being not the order in the ascensions or elevations of signs, in one climate as in another, nor the same Ascendant in one region as in another.

    Beware therefore of a mistake here, for it will be very unhandsome and blameworthy; for whatever part thou travellest towards, from one region to another, whether from the East to the West, from the North to the South, or contrarily, your Ascendant will be changed from one degree from East to West in Longitude and e contra, and from the North to South, and the contrary. But some Gowned fools, or Monks, in their cubs, may arise and say, If your judgments are changed according to the situation of Nations, they are false. But there is no talking to such Brutes, they neither understand nor believe, nor is anything probable to them; Yet there are some very learned men amongst them, such as ‘Contradus Brixiensis, a preaching Friar, who excellently understands Art and practiseth it honestly.

    Want of heeding what I have said hath made Astrologers to err, and I doubt doth so still, for right judgments cannot be given but by the Ascendant and other Houses, and therefore, if these vary, those must do so too. Therefore you should have Tables of Elevation for every Climate and Region; yet ‘tis more difficult to find out the difference of one climate from another, than of one Region or country from another, according to the Longitude; for if thou hast tables of the elevation of the signs in any region from East to West, thou mayst by guess find the elevation in another, which way thou pleases, either towards the East or West, according to the same climate, by taking the difference, but in divers climate thou canst not so easily conjecture.”

  8. The 98th is to Observe, Whether if what appears by the sign likely to be effected, be signified by the planets by corporal conjunction, or aspect or translation of Light? If either of the two, first the thing will be effected by the Querent, and the party enquired of, without any third person intermeddling; but if by the last it shall be done by ambassadors, friends, or some person interposing himself; and it shall be brought to pass by a person or thing signified by that House whose Lords translate the lights as aforesaid. Thus if it be the Lord of the second, it will be done by expenses, or a piece of money; and if by the third, by some brother or the like; if by the fourth, by the Father, &c., according to the respective signification of each House.

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