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Anima Astrologiae



Year: 1676

By William Lilly

Considerations of Guido Bonatus (144-146)

  1. The 144th Consideration is, To observe in Questions, Nativities, or Elections, when the Significators shall not clearly show thee what thou wouldst know but the signifcation remains dubious, so that the mind is in suspense, take the place of the Lord of the Ascendant, and the place of the Lords of the House of the Moon, and see the distance of degrees between them, beginning from Aries, of which make signs, and add the degree of the sign ascending: and project from the Ascendant as well by day as night, and where the number falls, the Lord of that House shall be Significator and from him take the Signification of the business enquired, for according to his disposition thou mayest judge.
  2. The 145th Consideration is, That thou see in Diurnal Nativites, whether Cor Leonis be in the Ascendant, that is to say in the Oriental Line or above it one degree or below it three degrees; or whether it be in the tenth in like degrees, without the Conjunction or Aspect of any of the Fortunes; for this alone signifies that the Native shall be a person of great note and power, too much exalted, and attain too high preferment and honours, although descended from the meanest parents. And if any of the Fortunes behold that place also, his glory shall be the more increased: but if the Nativity be nocturnal, his fortune will be somewhat meaner, but not much; but if the Infortunes cast their aspects there it will still be more mean; but if the Fortunes behold it also they will augment the good promised a fourth part, and mitigate the evil as much; yet still what ever of all this happens, it signifies that the Native shall die an unhappy death; or at least that all his honours, greatness, and power, shalt at last suffer an eclipse, and set in a cloud.
  3. The l46th consideration is, That thou take the place of the Lord of the Ascendant, and the place of the Lord of the 12th, and subtracting the lesser from the greater add to the remainder the degrees of the sign ascending and project from the Ascendant; and where the number falls the Lord of the sign shall be partner with the Lord of the Question, and shall be called the Principal Partner. Again, take the place of the Lord of the said sign, and place of the Lord of the Part of Fortune, and subtracting the lesser from the greater add the degrees of that sign shall be another Partner, and be called the Secondary Partner; which if it happen to be the same Planet, regard only that; but if different, then take both and subtract the lesser from the greater and add the degrees of the sign ascending, and the planet on whose House the number falls shall be the third Partner; and which of those three is the strongest shall be the chiefest sharer in the significations of the thing enquired after. If all the remainders, or two of them, shall happen on the House of one Planet; that shall be preferred. If the Question seem good, and those Partners are ill disposed, they will diminish of the good signified by the Question, and so on the contrary; but if the Question seem evil, and they are well disposed, they will allay and mitigate the evil signified by the Question, and so likewise on the contrary.

There are many other Considerations which might be added to these, but it would render Art too perplext and intricate; we therefore leave them, as less material to the Students industry, to observe them in their due time and place, as they happen; wherein his care and diligence will not fail of a reward in advantagious discoveries of truth, worthy his pains.



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