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48 Reviews for the

  1. This is a valuable report for me. I write down what I am noticing first, then read the insights offered in the report. I appreciate how Spiritual, Romantic, Metaphysical and Day-to-Day compatibilities are all explored. Relationships are as good as what you put into them. But so often we can’t see the forest for the trees. These reports offer perspective and vocabulary to discuss with partners. I can pick out reoccurring themes over the years and with different key relationships, too. So I learn about the consequences (good and bad) of my choices. There’s lots of value in these reports. Thank you!

  2. Very awakening and helped clarify so much! spot on!!!

  3. Thank you, grateful for this report as it seems incredibly accurate and full of precise details, especially given that I’m assuming it has been computer generated. However it is come by, the mathematics and calculations involved in giving rise to the interpretation are spot on, and it’s a sensitive and aware reading of the charts. So very happy with what’s on offer and would recommend this service.

  4. Hellloo,
    I received my sinnastry chart. I just read and ı was like ”whaaaa?” and ” deeeeuum”. I can not believe that the chart was so true. Especially details were on hundred percent point!! ı shocked when ı see our relationship issues in details in that chart. I felt like, someone read me and his mind and told me whats goin on.. So this thing is so in detailed, so accurate and worth to give my money..And ıt was long chart to read which is a good thing for me to understand:)) So thank you..Still in shocked :d

  5. Excellent chart. Easy to understand and comprehend!!

  6. BLOWN away… I cannot articulate the words to express how accurate this report was. I don’t remember placing the order almost 2 months ago. I happened to find this in my email a few days ago at the exact time I was going through the emotional pain of our disconnection. This has validated the very REAL foundation of things between the one GREAT LOVE of my life…

  7. It went really well! very accurate for my partner and I.

  8. Interesting insights- I’d like to try to understand more about this particular relationship as a mother/son type.

  9. There were many aspects of the report that gave credence to what I am seeing in my relationship, and will help me in working towards a better relationship. I am glad I took the time to order the report, and would recommend your site to friends.

  10. Very insightful & enjoyable!!

  11. Amazingly ACCURATE.
    …and so informative ……I even study astrology and have for 6 years and I still learnt from my report! Thank you.

  12. Very detailed, organized and in-depth report for a great price! Easy and interesting to read. Thank you!

  13. great report especially for the price. in depth and so accurate it blew my mind.

  14. Really great value for the price. I found it accurate so far. Thank you

  15. finally a report in clear english language. thoughtful and clean and organized. i refer to your site a lot to learn and to rely on the information you put out for us. thanks so much.

  16. Amazing details. Captured every aspect fathomable. So accurate. Would strongly recommend it to those seeking reports.

  17. broke my heart

  18. Beautiful and very accurate thank you so much

  19. Madhavi Agarwal on reviewed the

    brilliant, detailed and extremely accurate reading. thank you!

  20. Takisha Worthy on reviewed the

    I feel the report was precise and definately accurate. I really enjoyed it.

  21. Richard Basch on reviewed the

    Pretty good job, very thorough!

  22. It was astounding. So accurate. I’m very impressed. Will recommend an in-depth report from you guys to all my fellow astrologers

  23. Excellent. Good level of detail. Accurate as far as I currently know!

  24. I found the report very informative and quite comprehensive I liked the depth of the report and the way they personalised it.
    Over all I think it a very good report thank you.

  25. Lisamarie Boch on reviewed the

    The report was very thorough and enlightening. I was very impressed with the amount of information that was provided to me at such a minimal cost. The majority of the report was eerily accurate. […] Thank you so much.

  26. Melissa Kast on reviewed the

    It was eerily accurate even more spot on than a compatibility report that I paid for from a different site. Your website is now who I turn to for all of my astrology needs.

  27. Jasmine Rae Keebler on reviewed the

    Absolutly amazing deal, I am a full hearted astrology lover and i find your synastry reports as a true blessing not to mention very affordable! Not only do you get more for your money but the amont of detail and not to meantion the free natal synastry wheel im not sure how many people understand fully what im saying however if you go on line and serch synastry chart plus natal wheel expect to pay around 30-40 bucks seriously and the quality i found this site definitly out does them all do if your looking for gokd quality synastry look no further and thankyou! Happy star gazing!

  28. The reading was more accurate than I expected and helped detailed some situations for me. I recommend totally!

  29. I truly enjoyed reading this report, it amazingly hit on very specific details. My boyfirend has been into astrology much longer than I have and has gotten me very interested in it as well. I have tried to learn and understand from other resources for over a year now and nothing has been better than these free lessons. I have been doing the free lessons for a couple weeks now and I just love it. I enjoy the whole experience of it all. I have not ever been so interested in learning something so much!!! My boyfirend and I have been together 4 years and still going strong! We continue to better our relationship everyday. Everything says we are not compatible but I truly believe we are meant to be together! Me being a 31yr old female Leo Sun, Scorpio Asc. and him a 25yr old male Scorpio Sun, Cancer Asc. both of us with Pisces Moon… we tend to bump heads every now and then maybe once a month. I have never meet or dated a more mature, honest, loving, man then him! And he treats my children as his own…what? Yeah! He is the best and we are still very much in love!

  30. A-maze-ing. Truly insightful. I believe in astrology and synastry and compatibilty. My relationships have been getting better and better and astrology shows that. Im a lucky girl. Thank you for your service.

    I recommend to everyone.

  31. This is – by far – the most detailed and chillingly accurate compatibility report I’ve ever read. This report is a surprising 44 pages long and it took me an hour to thoroughly read every single paragraph. I feel that I’ve gained valuable insights into my partner’s mind and there is definitely a new sense of clarity present that was missing earlier.
    Mindblown. I

  32. I liked the report very much . I also want to thank you sooooo much for such an
    interesting and FREE website. So many times I get emails from astrology people who
    want to charge for something that I am not sure about. I always think to myself if they think they know me so well then why dont they offer the product first and being the person that i am i would be glad to pay for it. I have never heard of alot of the different reports that you have available on your site. I do wish you could make a daily or weekly reading based on the natal chart. That would be awesome to be able to go to your website daily and have that custom type of forcast. Anyway I only wist I could make my life better. I am a virgo who is not good at being organized. Thanks again.

  33. Thank you very much, it is well and interestingly written and it contains more facts then I expected to be.

  34. This report is accurate, in depth & one of the very best detailed astrological profiles and relationship reports I have ever seen. It has the potential to help both partners see themselves and learn deeper things about their partner.

  35. This was a very comprehensive reading that I haven’t found duplicated anywhere. Very pleased with the results.

  36. very accurate ! thank you…

  37. Amanda Hosking on reviewed the

    I love reading the report. I feel it is pot on!

    I’d really like to find out how a friend and I match up but can’t find the free coupon which you send monthly. Please help.

    Regards Mandy

  38. Hello dear Astrology Library,
    Thank you, I received your Sinastry Report and I am amazed!
    It is thorough and precise and 45 pages long! It will take me sometime to go through it but I am already so happy I cannot wait.
    You have made my day.
    I might, if I may, come with more sinastry request.. Only if I can!
    Your web site is one of my favourite.
    Best wishes from Milano, Italy

  39. I am absolutely pleased with your report. Thank you!

  40. Amazing!! Love it!!

  41. WOW! Okay, so I’ve had many synastry reports done, and this one is VERY, VERY, in depth– and for $5 bucks?! You can’t beat the deal for the amount of information this provides. It was so detailed and in-depth that I’m sad you guys don’t offer an in-depth Natal report. I’m looking forward to utilizing the information obtained in this report to help evolve my relationship in the right direction. Thank you so very much! Love & Light <3

  42. Well impressed with this reading and the cost of it. Also very helpful customer service also ;)

  43. I was thoroughly pleased with the Relationship Report. It actually surpassed my expectations and made me view my relationship in a different light. Actually, shedding light on potential pitfalls that can be avoided or if presented, how to deal with them differently. The price is beyond amazing and for a complete 48 page reading I couldn’t ask for more.

  44. I have studied astrology intently for the last 23 years. I found this relationship analysis to be very accurate and point out aspects I never saw or understood before. I resonated with everything and found the interpretations simple, accurate and well described. I am amazed to find such a high quality relationship reading for only $5! So now I will order one for everyone in my family! I have ordered Liz Greenes readings in the past as well. They are also good but I did find this one to be more my style of vocabulary and easier to understand as well as more informative and much more affordable! It was a really great reading and helped me immensely to better understand my interactions with these particular people.

  45. I especially liked and found useful the inclusion of the so called minor aspects in synastry. Since I have tight inconjuncts between my husband and my chart they are important.

    The semisquares I haven’t seen interpreted before and the inclusion of all the ascendent interaction and Chiron inter aspects definitely fleshed out and deepened the “discussion”

    I’d say quite good for a “cookbook” report and reasonably priced. Thanks !

  46. It’s great to get a better understanding of the hidden tensions and treasures this union brings about. Thank you!

  47. No fortune-telling, just real stuff. Very down-to-earth.