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Mercury Transits to Natal Sun

Mercury transits to natal Sun interpretations

By Corinne Lane         Leave a comment on Mercury Transits to Natal Sun

Transits of Mercury to your natal Sun bring forth a great deal of intellectual and mental creativity. They also enhance your perception and attentiveness, favoring any activity. Having a strong need for verbal communication, you now possess enhanced ability to express your ideas with more talent and creative vigor. These are opportune moments to clarify your ideas and contemplate future interests for the upcoming months. Moreover, Mercury-Sun transits aid in improving your writing skills and relationships with the media.

You feel exceptionally alive and brimming with clarity and frankness, providing you with the opportunity to learn and comprehend new things. Things can progress swiftly, and in certain cases, there may be some nervousness. Any contracts or professional/business agreements can be attained more effortlessly during these periods. It is advisable that you don’t hesitate to express yourself and address significant matters, as you will be more articulate and straightforward than ever before. It is possible that you may have to travel for business or personal reasons.

Transit Mercury Conjunct Natal Sun

During this transit, clarify your ideas and reflect on future interests. It’s a good time for writing and media-related activities. Feel alive and sharp, gaining new knowledge and understanding. Contracts and agreements can be easily achieved. Express yourself and discuss important matters. Travel may be necessary.

Transit Mercury Trine Natal Sun, or Transit Mercury Sextile Natal Sun

The transit of Mercury brings clear communication and favors intellectual work and commercial transactions. It’s a good time for negotiation and getting organized.

Transit Mercury Square Natal Sun

During the transit of Mercury square to your natal Sun, expect busy mental activity and lots of conversation. Differences of opinion may lead to discussions, so stay calm and give people time to understand your point. Be more receptive to listening and avoid being too forceful. Stay attentive to seemingly trivial matters and learn from simplicity.

Transit Mercury Opposite Natal Sun

During this time, communication increases and disputes can be avoided by listening more and talking less. Pay attention and keep calm to avoid overlooking details. Observe others without being stubborn or provoking them.

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