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Neptune Transits to Natal Uranus

Uranus transits to natal Neptune

By Corinne Lane         3 Comments

Transits of Neptune to your natal Uranus awaken an interest in the unusual, in everything outside the ordinary. It adds a deeper dimension to what you have previously known. The principles and ideals that have guided you throughout life start to change, and new ones take hold in your everyday reality.

Those who are more focused on material concerns will begin to develop more spiritual interests, igniting a curiosity for metaphysics and the occult, as well as for social reform movements, and so on. Hidden situations may be revealed, or there may be discoveries about occult matters.

Frequent altered states of consciousness, such as unpredictability and feelings of disorientation, may occur, as new discoveries can have a profound impact or alter your previous perspective on life. You need to be cautious about the potential side effects caused by drugs, whether recreational or prescription, as they can unexpectedly intensify during these transits.

Transit Neptune Conjunct Natal Uranus

If you were born before the 1990s, you’ll experience this transit later in life. It brings a new sense of freedom, spiritual renewal, and a desire to reform social ideals and principles.

Transit Neptune Trine Natal Uranus, or Transit Neptune Sextile Natal Uranus

During this transit, your perspective on the world expands and you become more interested in spirituality and the deeper aspects of life. You may explore new subjects like astrology and meditation. This time also brings a strong desire for social reform and helping the disadvantaged. Overall, your vision for the future is heightened and you can make positive changes in your life.

Transit Neptune Square Natal Uranus

This transit can bring about changes in your beliefs and ideals. It may reveal hidden secrets or expose something you have been trying to keep hidden. Dealing with these revelations can lead to spiritual growth and improvement in your life. Stay detached and take your time to understand new knowledge before committing yourself to anything.

Transit Neptune Quincunx Natal Uranus

When transiting Neptune is quincunx your natal Uranus, it may lead to changes in your beliefs and reveal hidden secrets. This can be a challenging yet transformative time for you. Upsets and confusion may arise, but by facing reality head-on, your life can improve. Stay detached when encountering mystical and occult themes, and take your time to figure things out before committing to any cause or movement.

Transit Neptune Opposite Natal Uranus

Transit Neptune opposite natal Uranus brings a new understanding and changes your consciousness. Others in your generation may be going through a similar revelation. It’s a period of tremendous psychological growth and awakening of creative and psychic potentials. Avoid making permanent plans or commitments during this time. After the new ideas consolidate, you’ll be ready for new goals.

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  1. My 13 year old daughter is having transiting neptune conjunct her natal uranus. It began in 2019 and is beginning to leave the orb of her natal uranus next month. I feel confused as to why you say this won’t happen until old age due to Uranus being faster than Neptune. If we are talking about natal Uranus, then this is irrelevant, so I’m just going to assume that was a typo.

    • Thank you for pointing that out. That was only the case for people alive today who were born before the 1990s. I fixed it. Thank you.

  2. John watts on said:

    I have the sun at 1 degree uranus ar 2 degrees and mercury 5 degrees, in Leo, and having them sharing the same degree in declaration so neptune will influence intensely. But God, who made me tells me no matter what happens I am in the palm of his loving hands which is very comforting to know. john

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