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Saturn Transits to Natal Jupiter

Saturn transits to natal Jupiter

By Corinne Lane         1 Comment

Saturn’s transit to your natal Jupiter will change your perspectives on personal and social relationships, as well as your perceptions of professional opportunities. Your natal aspects of Jupiter will be activated.

Now is the time to realize how you relate to the universe as a whole and become aware of the limitations you impose upon yourself. Conversely, if you have a naturally expansive Jupiterian nature, it is time to recognize that you do not see any limits and tend to excel in everything you do. These transits also highlight the importance of productivity and whether your actions align with the purpose you seek in life.

During these transits, there may be a slowdown in matters related to finance and investments. Although it may require more effort, things can still turn out positively in the end. These transits also instill a deeper appreciation for social and political philosophies, allowing you to align yourself with the current social-cultural mindset or work with the laws of justice.

Transit Saturn Conjunct Jupiter

The transit of Saturn conjunct your natal Jupiter can bring both security and restlessness. Opportunities may be slow to pay out and crises may interfere. Saturn tests your perseverance and patience, but ultimately leads to satisfaction and growth.

Transit Saturn Sextile Jupiter

During the transit of Saturn sextile your natal Jupiter, you have the opportunity to progress in your work and social life. Circumstances are in your favor and you can easily solve legal and financial problems. It’s a good time for intellectual and spiritual growth.

Transit Saturn Square Jupiter

Saturn square natal Jupiter limits opportunities, brings legal difficulties and tests perseverance. It also tests alignment of actions with ideals and prompts readjustments in work. Challenges serve as lessons for growth and progress.

Transit Saturn Trine Jupiter

During the transit of Saturn trine your natal Jupiter, you can progress in work and social life. Solve legal and financial problems easily. Consolidate resources and make investments. Grow intellectually and spiritually. See obligations as opportunities for growth.

Transit Saturn Opposite Jupiter

Transit Saturn opposite natal Jupiter limits growth and causes obstacles. Examine past actions and be well prepared for challenges. This transit tests your knowledge and attitude towards life’s obstacles. It is a time for realistic perspectives and finding solutions while maturing spiritually.

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1 comment

  1. Thank you for nice article. This year I will have interesting events starting end of March. Transiting Saturn trine my natal Jupiter and Ascendant and in opposition to natal Saturn and all this happens at the same time.

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