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Saturn Transits to Natal Moon

Saturn transits to natal Moon

By Corinne Lane         30 Comments

Saturn’s transit to your natal Moon signifies a period of introspection and self-examination, allowing you to recognize the patterns of your emotional habits. These transits are crucial for overcoming psychological conflicts and gaining awareness of them.

During these times, you become aware of your weaknesses as you experience the impact they have on you. Many complexes and traumas surface, and you confront them in order to overcome them. Simultaneously, you make deep commitments to yourself and others.

You learn directly from the consequences of your past actions and emotions. These periods are highly significant in terms of karma, as you can resolve numerous problems and karmic debts while also initiating new ones. There is a tendency towards depression and avoidance of confrontations with others.

As you withdraw within yourself to reflect on your past failures, it is essential to be honest with yourself and others. By examining your actions from seven to fourteen years ago, you can trace the source of any suffering you are currently experiencing.

Family matters hold great importance during this time, and finding inner security is crucial for achieving emotional maturity. Women play a significant role in your life during these periods. They offer valuable teachings and can also be sources of conflict.

Transit Saturn Conjunct Moon

The transit of Saturn conjunct your natal Moon brings feelings of depression and loneliness. It also makes you critical of yourself and creates a sense of self-awareness. This transit can be a time of suffering and psychological growth, so it’s important to understand yourself and others emotionally. It’s not a good time to start a new relationship as your perspective is negative and realistic. On the positive side, you can resolve past traumas and conflicts.

Transit Saturn Sextile Moon

During the transit of Saturn sextile your Moon, you can achieve a balance between emotions and reasoning. Overcome conflicts, make decisions, and reorganize finances. This is a good time for personal growth and creating positive patterns. Relationships are positively affected.

Transit Saturn Square Moon

The transit of Saturn square your natal Moon brings feelings of isolation and negativity. You tend to blame yourself for emotional conflicts, leading to explosive reactions and strained relationships. Balancing professional and personal obligations is difficult, and you may feel a lack of support. Adjusting your commitments and recognizing patterns is necessary for growth. Loss and separation can help you transcend karmic debts. Reflecting on your behavior from seven and fourteen years ago can shed light on current conflicts.

Transit Saturn Trine Moon

The transit of Saturn trine your natal Moon is a time for balancing emotions and reasoning. Overcome conflicts, make decisions, and reorganize finances. Overcome psychological problems and create positive patterns. Learn in intimate relationships. Take control and respond responsibly to crises.

Transit Saturn Opposite Moon

The transit of Saturn opposite your natal Moon brings emotional trials. Feelings of sadness, depression, and loneliness are common. It’s important to examine your true emotions and take more control over your life. Self-improvement and confidence are key.

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  1. I came here because I am experiencing this transit and needed some understanding of the excruciating emotional pain I’m in. I never thought this was waiting for me at this crazy time (April 2021). I’ve passionately moved towards experiencing mastery and freedom my whole life, and felt I’ve been hovering on the threshold for years, in a holding pattern of sorts, and so just allowing my realization to come as it may. At this stage in my life (62), after the wild, punishing and painful life experiences I’ve gone through to get here, the pandemic knocked me out unexpectedly, but gave me time and space and solitude to devote my time to myself and though bruised and battered, I was ready for this.
    I can attest, this transit feels awful, unbearable, brick walls everywhere, emotional turmoil and raving self criticism, experienced only as a hyper sensitive 54degree Pisces can dive into – endless suffering, guilt, fear. My affected moon in this transit is in Leo – and it is roaring in indignation and anger, masking deep and secret insecurities it knows it must face to truly be king – hard for Leo to suffer from the haunting loneliness, painful past memories, disconnection, trauma, mistrust, and insecurities ripping at its very being. “Fraud! Loser!”
    Then I remember the phrase “The lion walks alone.”
    I can only trust that I set it up this way with my soul – a big clearing of the deepest, darkest, loneliest, most hidden, wounded emotional and psychological pathologies that are ready to come up to the surface, and the challenge to be the safe space in myself while these aspects rage at me. Such is the journey to integrate all that you are on the path to spiritual maturity. I hope to keep this in my heart as I continue through this gut-wrenching, “no good very bad” transit.
    I also came here to remember how long a Saturn transit is, because frankly I’m exhausted. Throughout the pandemic year I came through Saturn squaring Mars, Saturn squaring Venus, Saturn Opposing Uranus, which overlapped into Saturn Opposing my Moon (my Moon and Uranus are conjunct at about 10 degrees of orb as I recall).
    All I can say is, it’s like going through a shredder.
    I can only trust that for it, I will be better.
    If you’re going through this transit I’ll share whatever wisdom I have: Get lots of rest, have patience, don’t start anything big and new, lay low, lick your wounds but don’t brood and mope, see a skilled therapist you feel good with, cry and let it all out, but watch for extremes in emotions and outbursts – it’s very wearing on the psyche. Find supportive and gentle outlets to release the pent up emotional energy, primal screaming in the car, punch a pillow, and mostly be kind and gentle and be there for yourself. You are a precious being and much loved for what you are doing here.
    Love to all who come across this…if you came for the same reason as I, please know you are not alone. Keep your chin up – this too shall pass and you will be the more integrated person you want to be after you move through this.

    • Natalie on said:

      Wow! I came here for the exact same reason Kasama, reading your post made me tear up a bit, the self care advice was so beautiful and I feel your pain so much (also a Leo moon in April 2021)

      This transit is absolutely brutal! Even though I am no longer religious, it definitely reminds me of the story of Job in the Bible where everything gets taken from him. Huge amounts of loss, grief, and loneliness. All my illusions and escapes are being stripped down to see what I’m made of.

      Guess we’ll have to hang tight until December 2021.
      Feel free to contact me if you need some extra support, I know it can feel like one of those situations nobody else really understands fully

      • Cristina on said:

        Hello, I’m a virgo moon and I will have saturn opposite my moon this next coming month of May… I will also have saturn square natal sun in saggy and pluto conjunct natal saturn! A lot of saturn, I’m not good in saturnian matters :(

        Any suggestions? Thanks a lot x

        • Hi! I don’t know if it helps, but I’m also going through this transit right now. My Moon is in 4 degrees of Virgo on Dsc and Saturn just crossed my Asc in Pisces and made its first exact opposition to the Moon. Year ago I had to leave my native country (Russia) because of the war and now I found myself in a very vulnerable position. I’m in a foreign country with a lot of challenges and struggles and I literally have no resources to overcome them. Sometimes I feel ok and even good, cause I feel like I can grow immensely as a result of this transit, but sometimes I feel really miserable, depressed, stuck, forlorn, frozen, like I feel these emotions as physical pain in my chest or stomach… I find it helpful to meditate, do pranayama (breath focus and control), yoga. I started to do sadhu nails, it’s actually really helpful to reduce stress. I eat much less sugar etc. Never in my life have I been doing so many useful practices and it’s one of the positive things that will stay with me after the transit is over. Cause it will pass! Anyway, sending you some positive energy!

    • Hoi, Kasama, I’m having the same transit now and have also Moon in Leo conjunct Uranus with an orb of seven degrees.
      Hope you’ re doing well.
      Now, with Saturn heading back to make the opposition again ( mine ends in November: still 5 more months!!!) I think the hardest part is to come.
      Lay low is good advice, since everything seems to be working against me now, such as predators wanting to kill my good reputation. Don ‘ t know what to do about it. Saturn is also squaring my ascendant at the same time by the way.
      Would like to hear how you are doing by now?

      • Kasama on said:

        HI Rose! Oh it’s nice (?) to know I’m not alone! I’m doing pretty good, things are actually working out. It’s been a long journey and still some ways to go but I gave myself the time and support to let the changes happen, though it’s been really rough. I feel like I’ve integrated the changes and recently made a clear choice to adopt a ‘no more battles’ attitude to what I thought was working against me – this is basically the entire wisdom of this period for me! When I did that, things that had been a source of stress and upset all year were resolved without me having to do anything and it made me so happy and in awe of the magic of stop battling. I guess we hang onto things even when they don’t feel good, because on some level we’re getting something out of it and I knew this was a time for achieving greater spiritual maturity. I’ve made huge strides to the utter mess I was last year and most of this, though I still feel the need to continue to rest and repair under this influence. It’s still exhausting, but I guess it’s from all the deep inner work and changes that are happening. I’ve never felt like a ‘survivor’ before – never really liked the term, but after this past year, and this influence, I feel like I ‘survived’ it. But not only survived, I released so much energy from the stuck places it was, and now it’s coming back to serve me in new ways.
        Hope you are getting through it!

    • Wow just sounds like me. Exactly like me. My moon Aquarius so saturn crossing it back and forth June 26/21. I had all the covid symptoms for it seemed mths at 76/77 and just now are they leaving. I ve had the two shots. But your sentiments about how you ve done your level best is my story exactly so. As high as the sky and the purity of spirit and 76 THIS! Just yesterday I broke into emotions over my daughters father and I said how I carried that resp. of kids versus her declaration on his big thinking. Easy when your not around. But taking a deep breath I caught a glimpse of the love ratio issue and if I hold on I remember many long hugs. So reason. Then said it was her razing me bout my patterns which I didn t get Which patterns?!
      Then I found saturn moon on line here. You are I. Totally! Its so good to know your out there. Tc C.

    • Nina Laković on said:

      Im proud of you and you should be also, because its not for surrender to it its because you can pass through it because you simply can. Try to remeber how to breathe and to not forgot that ita not happening to you but FOR you, because you can do it because no person with big heart and soul didnt had their life going easy. Big love from Pula, Croatia.
      From only 25yrs old Nina.

    • Stefaniya on said:

      Thanks for sharing this with us.I also go through this transit only the situation is even more complicated. For me natal mars is in opposition to the moon and they square with saturn. It is natal position. And now saturn has come to my mars, made opposition with the moon and chaos. , I resigned and gave up everything at the right moment. I decided not to do anything and to be on the bench until the storm passes. I have no passion, I am dead inside and I just need no one to choke meIn other words, I decided to rest until the transit was over.I understand you.

    • thank you so much for your experience strength and hope ❤️

  2. I hear you Kasama. I have a few clients going through this right now. But there is an upside to a Saturn transit. When we finally realize that we are worthy and loveable and deserving, we no longer have anything to prove to Saturn. Check where Chiron is in your chart. Heal Chiron and you’ll be able to break up Saturn.

    • hi April,
      Suggestions on Chiron cusp 4th house?
      Love to hear you!

    • My chiron s in virgo hugged by asteroids apollon and cupido. All at 15. Piled on top one another.
      I would appreciate sone clue to handle. My kids and grand all have Estranged Aries moons.

  3. Thank you so much! Yes, this is all about self-worth, self-love, and deserving the things I want in my life – so on point! And I feel that these ‘lessons’ are being integrated, so I feel very good and optimistic, and felt a huge shift as these. barriers broke down.
    I will totally check out Chiron and see what the energy is related to that. In looking at Chiron, I guess I would look at what sign it is in, the house it is in, any aspects to other planets? I used to have a book on Chiron but no longer have it. I do know it’s a key planet of healing in one’s chart.
    Thanks again – coming out, feeling strong!

  4. C.j. Commenting further on my transit in full force of saturn moon Aq.
    Coincidentally my daughter has her saturn return as does another male 59er who I ve supported over 30 years. Their returns are that saturn over my moon. My daughters done well so? The guys done well and moving right along so? The male has stirred up.much partial information manipulating public opinion. I ve restrained so far on retailiation. What the judge said when his last girl put him in jail to cool his heels. Like I d better not see u here again..His mom and I rescued him. Some people lack consciences.
    But they grow.
    When saturn was conjunct pluto for me it was my 9th house and my inner self decided to take responsibility towards gods requirements with spiritual results. So far the clamour is outdoing hearing the spirit direction.
    The masters of the far east say after the holding things together of the eagle shall come the dove.
    People might be blind sided . Be blind to these kind of changes especial since Aries was so active for so long with mars there. Ain t life fun

  5. Thank you so much for this article and these loving comments. They have brought me a tremendous amount of peace. I, too, am going through saturn squaring my natal moon. My moon is in scorpio (12′) conjunct natal uranus by 3′. Scorpio moon feels things deeply, so this has been quite difficult for me. Frankly, I feel as though I am hitting my head against a brick wall and then feeling nothing but numbness and unresolved pain after the emotional fireworks have subsided. There is no relief in sight. One relationship, in particular, is causing me an immense amount of pain. Per usual, saturn’s lessons have been relentless, nebulous (seemingly arising out of nowhere), and unforgiving.

    I decided to take this article’s advice and look to what was occurring 7 and 14 years ago, as this transit has completely blindsided me. Fourteen years ago, when transiting saturn in leo squared my moon, I left my ex-boyfriend whom I lived with for a myriad of reasons (abuse, unemployment and substance abuse issues). Although I did the best I could at the time, I was a lot younger and struggled to understand that he was mentally ill and needed help. I know that when I left him, it caused him a tremendous amount of pain. However, we are friends to this day and I will always love him as a special companion in my life. Seven years ago when transiting saturn was conjunct my scorpio moon, I had a very intense friendship/mentorship with my female boss–nothing sexual, but it was a very deep and transformative relationship (maybe similar to Ramona and Destiny’s relationship in the movie Hustlers:). At one point, this lady retreated from me during that transit. I think she did this because she was afraid of the emotional intensity of our friendship. She stated that nothing had changed between us but her actions and my heart felt differently. We are also still friends, but our relationship has changed dramatically. The intense, sort of secretive bonding undertones are still there (and baffling to those close to us), but our relationship has taken on more of a superficial bent. However, when either of us goes through a crisis, we reach out to each other and relate to each other in a deep manner that most who know us are unaware of.

    I read another article that advised that if you want to know the outcome of a saturn square moon transit, look to the houses that saturn and moon rule. Saturn rules my 8H and 9H. The man who is causing me a lot of pain right now is currently living in another country and saturn is transiting my 9H. Both of my prior relationships affected by saturn squaring my moon did not end. However, they transformed irrevocably and on a soul level (8H), prompting spiritual awareness (9H). I now expect a similar outcome for my current relationship, however painful this acceptance has been. Moon rules my 2H and 3H. Both my prior relationships resulted in a lifetime kindred spirit type of connection (3H) and, in both cases, my work (2H) became very demanding of my time and energy, forcing me to tend to work matters while simultaneously losing key relationships in my life that were in the process of, essentially dying, in order to transform to the next level. My natal moon is in my 6H. All three of these relationships have been codependent in some way. Natal saturn is in my 4H. All of these relationships transformed my very soul. So, there you have it! If the interpretation of my chart and the outcomes therein can help anyone the way I have been helped by you, I feel much obliged. I agree with Kasama—early bedtime, more rest, eating healthfully, tons of yoga, gentle care of myself, and understanding my past experiences with saturn are the things that are helping me right now. One thing I also noticed that I find quite interesting, after every saturn square to my moon, transiting jupiter formed a conjunction and trine (respectively) to my moon shortly after saturn completed it’s transit, bringing me much needed emotional relief after the storm. Worth looking into in your ephemeris! Wishing peace, love, good fortune, and spiritual awareness to all!

    PS. The relationship events I referenced occurred in 2005 and 2013, exactly as transiting saturn squared my natal moon. But, you need an ephemeris to figure this out as the 7/14 years ago premise does not always align exactly.

  6. Stefaniya on said:

    under this transit saturn opposition moon is my son who a 14 year old boy got epilepsy.I also had jupiter opposition saturn.

  7. Interesting reading and thanks everyone — Saturn squaring my 7th house Taurus Moon — its the pits. with Uranus in the mix too…..and trying to remember all previous Saturn/Moon transits to date. Certainly feeling tired, overworked and stresses with new female boss…she’s stressing us all by the way. Emotions long forgotten have surfaced and are being dealt with, but certainly feel somewhat alone and emotions are very up and down. Bach flower essences are good support. Energy is so low that I feel like i’m dragging myself to work and everything is taking twice as long i can;t be bothered to exercise or cook properly either!

  8. Interesting on the trying to remember and emotions long forgotten. I relate. My daughter showed me an old doll of mine and asked if I remembered and I did but just vague. So vague.
    Its probably worth $1500 – beautiful and eyes close. Would love to remember the circumstances. I said she definitely carries our family name.
    Second I phoned a help line and spoke of feelings of 17 and ended up releasing emotions and why.
    Thought those that were was long gone.

  9. Interesting that your Saturn has tensions around a female boss. The idea with squares is taking the inner tension into a new creation so to speak. Maybe if you could somehow relay that struggle to her she might be inclined to get into it. I m getting to know my son again since I missed his teens and he’s now 55 and he can certainly pull some bunnies out of the bag. The trick is for my mind to catch it. Cause it’s so conditioned. Kind of like that.
    Lately I hold back the reins instead of acting out of the conditioned. Sure enuf.
    I suppose it’s a little unnerving at times.
    Another primary relation and I have a ton of squares between us. He being a Leo and Leo on my 4th we started out wallpapering my kitchen on top of Aqamarine colour trims and then he cut out an Eagle for the door. Was very artsy. That was way back in 92. He learned quitar from using mine. He really changed. We went together to see Lightfoot . Now he s in his Saturn return and I don t see as much of him. So good luck u can do it.

  10. Hello friends

  11. depends on your karma i guess. I m getting flack i m told about childrens feelings. My son blames me for not recognizing his but it seems to me back when in the 60 70 s feelings made people a little afraid. Anyways, I was working and we always went out to the land and things so I m not aware of that. I don’t think I need to be responsible for everybody else s feelings. I didn’t create them. Saturn is 7 Aquarius now passing my moon at 11. This is my second go i think. Last time i started College just before 50 so for me it was a big deal but i didn’t want a too large gap between myself and youth. I have a square from moon to mercury. It went quite well. I found many cold. There were only a half dozen my age and my teacher said i hung in through pressures that others dropped out on. Considering I got Brst cancer five years after they probably had the better plan. That went ok too.

  12. Thanks for my fellow Leo moons for
    sharing! My Leo moon conjunct Uranus at 23’ is coming up.

    • I mean is coming up for the opposition from Saturn

    • Dianne M on said:

      Yep. Leo moon 21(6 hs.) Uranus too, 13 Leo. Transiting Saturn conjunct Chiron 27 Aquarius. (12 hs) sun 24 Taurus (3 hs) opps Jupiter 28 Scorpio (9 hs).

      Almost every ‘friend’ and support structure gone….awful right? No, they were doing me no good. One dear friend is moving–that is hard. The truth about other ‘old friends’– we have grown apart.Nothing in common. A couple took support, but didn’t give it. In one case the ‘ friend’ was toxic…she was a bad habit. Oh, and there was the neighbour doing ‘nasty’ things. I caught him. But there are the other lovely neighbours too–we are now all part of a ‘Whats ap’ group.

      There are other things, but l am not giving you the whole chart.

      I don’t have a nice family. I spent 3 years fighting a will. I won. And just before COVID hit.

      I manage a chronic illness.

      Oddly, l don’t feel depressed. And l do know depression…I feel …free. Excited about the possibilities.

      What did l do? I chose to ‘let them go’. And l joined ‘new’ groups!! New people. New ideas. One local book club. One discussion group with young professionals from all over the world!! Another ‘Friends of the Gallery’ an art appreciation group.

      This has been a slow burn for me.

      I have learnt a lot about myself. 63 last birthday. Not done yet.

      Sometimes it takes a life time.

      I hope you all make it out the other side.

      • Great attitude! Yes, we never stop growing. I too am seeing friends lost and joining new groups with shared interests, all my best to u.

  13. Kasama, thank you for sharing your experience. I’m just a few years older than you, going through the Saturn opposition to my Leo Moon this year (but Uranus in Cancer.) It is so helpful to read the similarities in experience and know I’m not alone. It is really painful.

  14. Dianne M on said:

    Hi Lisa , everyone and all Leo moon people esp.

    How are you all feeling?

    Writing it out helps, l find.

    I’m doing ok. What about you Kasama?

    I re read your text…yes, secret insecurities.

    This new moon in Cancer (5th house) will conjunct my Venus and oppose Saturn 7 Cap(11th hse). I feel it creeping up, or is it just me and the yips.

    I know new moon are about new beginnings–feels like more endings to me.There is not much left…

  15. Saturn in my first house is squaring my moon on 10th. I’ve been feeling like staying home for a good while now, the need to be inside, with myself, in my garden, built a studio in my house for privacy, for meditation, for studying, doing therapy, family constellations, journaling, needing lots of quiet and alone time from kids and partner, setting healthy boundaries in all my relationships, working with my dreams, my subconscious, self love, worthiness, releasing false believes and childhood wounds, needing to live, breath and express authentically. Eating more intentional and consciously, doing yoga and walking. Doing a routine everyday more like sacred rituals, helps a lot, feels natural to not act in the world but go inwardly and manifest from inside. When we let go of what is not needed anymore we can magnetize and attract the new. Journaling, appreciating and visualizing is helping me manifest in a feminine way as opposed to go get in the world, which I’m not interested anymore ❤️🙏

  16. Baltasar on said:

    It’s particularly harsh in 2021/22 since it also squares Uranus in Taurus!

    Me? Scorpio Moon 20′ (9th house). Sure intimately Scorpio moons are moody, but I’ve never felt so restrained and hair-triggering so much against any transgression. I need to move out ASAP and live alone (I will, soon!) but while I’m a patient person, my mood is far too unpredictable and can blow up at the most random days.

    Thankfully my Gemini Sun 19′ does trine that Saturn

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