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Saturn Transits to Natal Pluto

Saturn transits to natal Pluto

By Corinne Lane         26 Comments

Saturn’s transits to your natal Pluto put your resilience and ability to renew resources and undergo social and personal transformations to the test. The structure you’ve established for your life will change significantly, as these transits inevitably mark the end of one stage and the beginning of another.

This has a profound impact on the metaphysical plane. You’ll be able to explore aspects of your inner being that haven’t been utilized. This leads to the emergence of new abilities and talents and compels you to find fresh solutions and approaches to handle both external and inner aspects of your life.

It may signify a period of professional growth, completing a project and starting a new one, taking different economic measures, or finding yourself at the end of your resources and needing to renew or seek new ones. You might feel the need to change your profession or occupation or seek alternative ways to earn a living.

Whether the changes are minor or monumental, they are all meaningful because they denote the end of one karmic cycle and the start of another. This applies to both professional and personal responsibilities, including intimate and family matters. It may reveal that you’ve settled a karmic debt or highlight that the debt has intensified because it wasn’t fulfilled within a specific timeframe. Consequently, it can signify a significant leap in terms of spiritual responsibility and consciousness.

You have the potential to expand your unconscious, finding order amidst chaos that can aid you in overcoming an important psychological phase.

Transit Saturn Conjunct Pluto

When transit Saturn is conjunct your natal Pluto, significant changes will occur that require you to evaluate your resources and make rational decisions. This transit can lead to evolutionary growth and the resolution of stagnant issues. Economic, governmental, or health challenges may arise, demanding new ways of conflict resolution. It is a crucial stage for eliminating obstacles and undergoing transformation with long-term consequences.

Transit Saturn Sextile Pluto

The transit of Saturn sextile your natal Pluto brings progress, professional benefits, and the opportunity for spiritual growth. You have the ability to make a big impact on the outside world and eliminate weaknesses within yourself. Things are under your control and you can make significant changes if needed.

Transit Saturn Square Pluto

During the transit of Saturn square your natal Pluto, you may face challenges and difficulties in various aspects of your life. It is important to make necessary changes and let go of stagnant situations. By embracing transformation, you can come out of this period stronger and find concrete solutions. This is a critical time for personal growth and karmic evolution.

Transit Saturn Trine Pluto

The transit of Saturn trine your natal Pluto brings progress and professional benefits. Changes occur slowly but surely to improve your means and resources. You can make a big impact on the outside world and grow spiritually. It is a time of improvement and internal changes with repercussions on the outside. You can make significant changes or help things run smoothly.

Transit Saturn Opposite Pluto

Saturn opposite Pluto represents the culmination of efforts made 14 years ago. It’s a period of karmic confrontations and victories. Resolve current crisis before making changes and cleaning up waste.

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  1. Charlotte on said:

    Its hard to see the 2003 leap to infinity working itself out now 14 yrs later except as Astro King said one is forced to leap to spiritual when there is no material security. Happy happy theres such a thing as inheritance. So a bit of both and covid and economic general crisis. Now what can I make of all that. I think saturn Rx s so more time yet to oppose but I read its harmony the lesson. Rhythm.

  2. mark olsen on said:

    It is not the planetary aspect that brings difficult challenges; it is your karma. Aspects merely time it. Good karma brings pay-offs during challenging aspects.

    • Charlotte on said:

      Hi Mark. I remember when saturn settled beside my venus. I inherited $20,000. Very respectful.
      I find it hard to relate to karma. Deeds are more comprehensible. Some experts say karma is very intricate deep meanings we get wrong .
      Anyways we all know its part of a whole. But whatbi don t like is the often ominous tone as if we re all innately bad and deserve punishment.

      • Charlotte: I too resent the premise that we are all innately bad/sinful. This is the “teaching” that compelled me to reject organized Christian religiosity when I was in elementary school (that was in the mid-1950s). That kinda of teaching makes me cringe.

        • ha the timing. i just bought a tv ministers book and the first email had some scripture about nudity taboos. quite a list of no no s. Well i objected to hospital immodesty treatment while going through cancer assessments. Also my mom in care home was subjected to nakedness as issues came up as in bra size. i must say she looked good and i was impersonal but when i read that i was overwhelmed and sorry. Reduced to tears. i thought no wonder i m still rejected. The next email was a list of offences that people would be killed for. I unsubscribed. I have already made my peace with a symbolic peace vision opened to me but i just don t know how to proceed. i m not against other belief systems. i used yoga as in the idea of balancing two sides. i did not know it would open a pipe like channel called sushumna. A vessel. A channel i felt as i arose from my bed. So far i have come – with no guidance but within me and yoga postures and books i barely comprehended. My biggest stress in trying to live in the community. i ve lost it seems. So its just me and that visionary glimpse now. So thanks for the support. When i leaped back in 2003 to my best friend i ended up in an infinite consciousness alone so i m not sure there is an other.
          That’s a hard one. walking the road is not easy. Any fellows relating let me know. cj

  3. Hello

    Poetin has now saturn opposite his natal pluto.
    Conjunct his northnode. I think he is going to use a big bom..


    • How terrifying. I too have transit Saturn opposite my natal Pluto. I have no intention of exploding anything…but I feel very isolated, constrained and trapped by the pandemic. It is also opposing my natal moon. If anyone has undergone such transits and survived to integrate them, I’d love to hear about it.

      • I did 28 years ago.
        Trying to remember all that happened.
        I came through..
        I’m past second Saturn return .

        Yea I wonder ole Putin. He says he going to nuke the states and England. I think he very paranoid. To say the least. Alone.,
        No telling!!
        I do not think he expected the push back on a grand scale.,, I read this about religion and he blames the west for their drug problem . What else is new.

        Religion and wars seem to go together.,why I do not bother religion.

      • Carolina on said:

        Saturn in Aquarius is opposing my natal Pluto in Leo (8th/2nd house), exact today. It’s activating my natal Grand Cross with Venus in Aquarius opposing Pluto, squaring Saturn in Scorpio and opposing Taurus in Mars. Feeling very depleted, lost and empty, was laid off my mundane, repetitive job at end of March. Will have to go thru this transit again in July and October (maybe Jan 2023 too – feel so overwhelmed.

    • Putin has natal Pluto on Midheaven, now coming two times Saturn opposition…takes a year from now..Its also triggering his Node-axes…
      Not the first time he is a kind of tsar….?…Trio venus mars pluto transiting his 3rd house…confused in what time he lives.?…and how to communicate…Hope awareness wins…still P transits Capricorn a while, LAST TEN degrees ARE COLLECTIVELY SPEAKING DICTATOR Degrees…quote karin hamaker-zondag NL.!..NOW 28 degrees…..its the unexpected eye-opener before Pluto through Aquarius coming up…end of topdown suppression?2025-2030…not without sacrifices… PEACE!

  4. I just looked at his chart today. But ya that Saturn oppose Pluto was 911 USA tower but I was looking at mars Venus Pluto happening now thro early March 3 week. volcanic temper and egos.

  5. Paul W. on said:

    Although this transit aspect has not perfected, yet (I am waiting for Saturn to reach 2° Pisces in summer of 2023), I began running 14 years ago. With natal Pluto squaring my Mars and Jupiter, presently, I have strongly felt that I must turn my focus inward by re-examining what excitement, ambition and physical stimulation mean to me. I’ve been focusing on being and not doing.

    • Paul W. on said:

      I meant to say that when Saturn reaches 2° Pisces, it will be opposite natal Pluto. Natal Pluto is in the 1st house, conjunct Asc.

    • Nevenka on said:

      I too am waiting for Saturn to reach 0* Pisces (11th house) to oppose my natal Pluto at 0*Virgo (5th). I just checked and it happens on my birthday in 2023 and then again in October 2023. It will be a big moment… I am pretty sure a new chapter of some sort.
      Transiting Pluto has been conjunct my natal Mars(9th) and MC in Capricorn for the past 3 years and with my Moon in Scorpio (7th) (sextile Mars) square natal Pluto, I am comfortable with the intensity of that Plutonian transformational energy… I would even say empowered by it. Enter Saturn… in March 2023…

  6. Saturn opposite Pluto triple April 22, Aug 22, Jan 23. 14 years ago I left my job with a landscaping company because of lack of work due to the Bush-Cheney engineered financial recession (crisis). Concurrently the equity in my home plummeted and I went to work for another landscaping company and still work for them. Now I am negotiating to buy this very stable, debt free and profitable company using the major amount of equity that has accrued in my home in the last 14 years. So, we shall see how things develop between now and Jan 2023.

    • This Saturn oppose pluto everyone experiences different . Houses .,
      14 years ago I began leaving a place . Never to return .

      Yes recession in full swing., 2008.

      Interesting landscaping . Hope you can buy out. I do that just for fun. Plants and I get along.. karma
      What is my task., during the last square in chemo. Made it.
      6 years going on seven. Built my credit back up.
      Paid off most debts lol except taxes. Paid some. I have caught them lying about paying before. Had to send a copy of the check wrote and bank showing it came out. Awhile back.

  7. Vivien Beere on said:

    I have Saturn transiting my IC and Opp Natal Pluto MC atm.Similar chart to Putin’s in fact except his Pluto trines Mars and he was born in Libra 1952 and I in Aqua 1953. My Mars conjuncts Pisces in the 5th using Placidus. I have been a therapist for 42 years.Now looking to restructure my work and also my home environment literally stripping away what is no longer needed e.g. many boxes of resources, belongings etc.Venus and soon Mars are also transiting IC opp Pluto.Any ideas?

    • Paul W. on said:

      Vivien Beere, it sounds like your 4th and 10th houses are being activated by an outer planet. Do you have any natal planets in those houses? If so, they will color the changes you are making in those areas.
      Did you mean Mars conjuncts Neptune? (I have that natal aspect, too, but 8° orb).

  8. I handled transit Saturn oppose pluto 30 years ago. I guess the square as well.

    Second times , look back at what you did.
    Regrets and accomplishments

  9. R.J. make my day on said:

    Hello folks: I have transiting Saturn In Pisces in the 7th house opposite natal Pluto in the 1st house. Pluto rules my 4th house of home, while Saturn rules my house of health and employment.

    I am a long time and noted martial arts instructor and recently reopened my sports school after a one year closure, due to car accident injuries. Also, a fall on the ice back in December. These injuries are healing, but are taking much longer than expected.

    It’s harder getting new students, as well, but I haven’t packed it in, yet. My progressed Moon in Libra is nearly conjunct my natal Jupiter, the ruler of my 5th house of sports, so people will likely join my school, I believe? I have prospects.

    I am one of Canada’s longest serving martial art instructors, with over 40 yrs experience, and my whole m.a. career has been difficult, to be honest. So, it can’t get any worse with Saturn = Pluto, right ?

    The main problem is not me, but Canada and where I live, British Columbia. It’s a shithole and young people here are notoriously anti-sports and anti-martial arts? Young people just want to smoke pot, play on the computer and not workout.

    My “job,: therefore, as related to Saturn = Pluto is to transform the youth here and parents, too, into a better, healthier lifestyle.

    Here’s what I think: Saturn is a no good, s.o.b., while Pluto is also a btard, too, and no better. So, who will wear down, whom, and who will take the proverbial shit kicking, Saturn or Pluto ?

    Saturn, by transit, will likely get its wings (or rings) clipped, while Pluto will stay Pluto, as a frozen, remote, osolated, uninhabitable piece of sh*t that it is?

    What say you, all knowing one ?.

  10. Jennifer on said:

    Transit Saturn hs 12 is approaching an opposition with my 6th hs Pluto beginning February 24 for a two week stay; at the same time transit Pluto will be within a one degree orb of my natal 11th hs Saturn – I’m wondering whether it’s possible of anything good coming from these? Several months back TSaturn “sat on” my natal 12th hs Chiron and I sustained some physical injuries that have improved signifigently with diet, exercise and therapy. I’m a student and am currently looking for some online work, a sideline or “side hack”, but otherwise I don’t see my financial or material situation altering. The interesting thing about Saturn in my natal chart is that Mars in (Saturn ruled) Capricorn hs 11 heads a stellium > Mars>Saturn (Aquarius)>Sun-Venus>Jupiter>Mercury = so some considerable Saturnian influence already. I have already noted a very calm peacefulness enveloping me – hopefully this is a sign and shows my mind settling, enabling me to concentrate on study without distraction and to produce high quality work – I have had a rough run of things during the last 12 years or so, I’m not a materialist and am generally happy to live fairly humbly, provided I have what I need. I’ve had a lot of responsibility beginning as a young adult so I think I’ve worn that part of Saturn out! But Pluto is another story – it is conjunct my DC and I believe is responsible for my physical strength and mental, emotional and spiritual energy and endurance, along with Mars of course!

    • Hello Jen. I just finished saturn in pisces opposing my natal Pluto in Virgo. Pluto rules my 4th house of home while the 6th house rules landlords. I met a very abusive landlord who made my life a living hell and now I’m suing them on the law courts. My health deteriorated as well? This aspect is transformational and it requires fixing at a major level? Make sure you make deep changes and not band aid solutions, otherwise your life will never get better. I live in a new place now which is much safer. Also be careful not to throw out the baby with the bathwater or else, you may end up with nothing? Throw out only the parts of your life that requires changing and keep some things the same. You’ll thank yourself for that, later? Good luck.


  11. rjmakemyday on said:

    Duane Hansen wrote: “rj. update on m.a. instructor career. why health has not improved.”

    Duane Hansen: Who says my health hasn’t improved ? Also, I’ve never heard of you, before, and I’ve been practicing western astrology for nearly five decades. Maybe you should do your research before making defamatory/false comments about others you have never met?

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