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Venus Transits to Natal Mars

Venus transits to natal Mars interpretations

By Corinne Lane         Leave a comment on Venus Transits to Natal Mars

Venus transits to your natal Mars give you a liveliness and joy that radiate from your personality in everything you do. They soften the intensity of your desires and are beneficial for all sexual experiences and connections.

These transits can be helpful in breaking down barriers and freeing yourself. You also have increased vitality to please others, achieving a harmonious balance that is not easily attained. You now possess the ability to recognize your needs and desires, and express them tactfully without offending or provoking others.

You feel immensely content, which attracts people who can offer assistance while allowing you to stay true to yourself. Venus-Mars transits enable you to express your sensations and emotions in a candid and direct manner.

You may spontaneously decide to spend money and then later regret it. The spontaneity of your actions can be advantageous in certain situations, such as enjoying new endeavors or adventures.

The personal satisfaction and pleasure brought by these transits can provide you with the strength to persevere. They can serve as a balancing factor against the challenges and issues caused by stronger transits.

Transit Venus Conjunct Mars

The transit of Venus conjunct your natal Mars increases sexual attraction and desire. You radiate liveliness and joy in your social contacts. You will establish new social contacts with familiar feelings.

Transit Venus Sextile Mars

The Venus transit boosts your social life and helps you form new connections. You’re expressing yourself more freely and creating a balanced give-and-take dynamic. Your open and honest approach attracts others, and you feel happy and appreciated. It’s a great time for creativity and artistic pursuits.

Transit Venus Square Mars

When transit Venus is square your natal Mars, it increases your desire to satisfy your own sexual needs. This transit can break barriers and cause tensions in relationships. You may have a good time and have rewarding contacts, but be aware of people who are interested in you for their convenience or your physical attractiveness.

Transit Venus Trine Mars

The transit of Venus trine your natal Mars brings new friendships and romantic relationships. You express yourself spontaneously and achieve goals without offending anyone. Others are drawn to your charm and appreciate you. This transit favors creativity and art.

Transit Venus Opposite Mars

The transit of Venus can stimulate creative energies and lead to satisfying sexual relationships. However, frustrations may arise if gratification is not provided. It’s best to avoid commitment until the relationship proves to be more than just based on sex. Take care to express yourself tactfully and discreetly to avoid conflicts. This is a favorable time for artistic expression.

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