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A Fresh Look at Our Free Birth Report Page

By Corinne Lane     August 10, 2023     1 Comment

Over the past few months, our team has worked hard to make our Free Birth Report page a better place for you to visit. We are happy to say that these changes are now online.

The birth report now offers a holistic, full-length report. We’ve designed this report to truly synthesize your planet’s aspects, signs, and houses.

For example, the old report used to describe your “sun’s sign” by itself in one description and then your “sun’s house” by itself in another description. The new report describes your unique combination of:

We hope that these changes will help you understand your birth report better and make it even more fun to read.

We’ve also given the chart wheel image an update. Below the chart wheel, you’ll see a link to a new page that we added, where you can choose any of 18 custom color designs for your chart wheel. Check out these chart color choices on this page.

The birth report is on this page: Birth Report.

And as we keep improving, we’d like to offer a small glimpse into what’s next: new updates to our Daily Transits Report are on the horizon. We can’t wait to reveal these enhancements to you.

Best wishes.

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1 comment

  1. You guys are great!
    I love the new style and ease in which it reads. Very impressive how you can combine the object with it’s most influential aspect(s) while blending the feel of the sign and house into every sentence and generate a very eloquent flow as if someone was doing a reading, the points, strengths and weaknesses along with ways to get an understanding how to make it work in my life, amazing!
    I have read a few free and 1 paid site and this is really so much better. The previous style was real good and made learning Astrology through self study a breeze, this new style reaches into major life aspects and draws attention to the parts that build us on different levels. I’ve said a couple times I love this site and visit almost daily, at 50 years old and a very complicated person, looking to Astrology to improve myself, I can not deny these guys know what they’re doing, true professionals, I know, I already experienced much of what they teach me. This update is nice and fresh and at a perfect time for me as I needed to look up something and bam there it was, apparently important because they felt so as well and it was so well written.
    I like the chart image options, but I love the updated Birth Report and I look forward to the changes coming to the Daily Transits.
    Thank you Astrology Library Team, thank you Corrine, best wishes to you all.

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