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Opus Astrologicum


An Astrological WORK Left to POSTERITY

Year: 1654

By Nicholas Culpeper

Aphorisms For Resolving Horary Questions (41 – 60)


The Lord of the Ascendant, and the Moon peregrine, shew the Querent is out of all hopes of obtaining his desire.



View whether the Significator of the thing desired be in a fixed signe: if he be, it will continue: if in a fickle signe, it will quickly end: if in a common signe, it will change out of one thing into another.



If the Lord of the Ascendent, or the Moon, be with the head or tail of the Dragon, it brings damage to the Question propounded. Look in what house they are, and from the signification of that house you may know whence the damage will come.



The first house signifieth the life, complexion, disposition, will, maners, and understanding of the Querent; the beginning of all enterprises.



The second House signifies riches, gain, traffique, gold, silver, and lots and gain by traffique; all moveable goods without life.



The third house signifies brethren, sisters, kindred, small voyages, short journeys, interpretation of dreams, &c.



The fourth house signifies the father, houses, land, immoveable goods, orchards, tillage, hidden treasures, minerals, all things under the earth, prisons, obscure places, the grave, and good report after death, and the end of all things taken in hand.



The fifth house signifies children, all younger kindred, joy, pleasure, gifts, bravery, delight, the riches of the father, all profit of the fourth house, playing, gaming, drinking, &c.



The sixth house signifies servants, sickness, all cattel not fit for labour, as dogs, sheep, &c. fowls, wilde beasts, hunters, goalers, prisons, false accusations, &c.



The seventh house signifies marriage, wives, law-suits, contention, quarrels, known enemies, all the men we deal with, common persons, &c.



The eighth house signifies death, sadness, riches never thought of, dowry, estate of them we deal with, and of known enemies, all the benefit of the seventh house.



The ninth house signifies Religion, pilgrimage, long journeys, dreams, faith, sacrifice, ceremonies, Clergie-men, Navigations, &c.



The tenth house signifies honour, dignities, preferment, calling, offices, trade, Magistrates, Kings, Princes, Governours, advancement, renown, profession, and the mother; Captains and Conductors in War; help, succour.



The eleventh House signifies friends, acquaintance, hope, the things we desire, companions, counsel of friends, all the benefit gotten by the tenth house; good angels, &c.



The twelfth house signifies private and secret enemies, evil spirits, prisons, captivity, bondage, slavery, torment, treason, villainy, horses, and all beasts fit for labour.



In all Questions, look whether the Ascendent or his Lord be in the degree of any Eclipse at hand: for then though the matter be in never so fair a way, it will receive prejudice when it is least expected, and hardly ever be concluded.



Seldome comes good end of a Question, when the Moon is impedited. Judge accordingly, if neither Fortunes give her good aspect; namely, danger of death in War, ill success in journeys, ill end of Marriage, and the like, according as the Question is.



If the Lord of the Ascendent be opposite to it, or in Square to it; also, if the Moon be opposite to her own house or exaltation, the Querent is careless, and cares not which end goes forward.



If the Significator of the thing demanded be impedited, consider what Planet impedites him: and from the house he is in, and Lord of, you may finde the cause and persons hindering the business.



The neerer the Significator is to an angle, the more good you may expect: less, if he be in a succeeding house: little or nothing, if he be in a cadent, unless the matter of the Question be such as belongs to that cadent house he is in.


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