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Opus Astrologicum


An Astrological WORK Left to POSTERITY

Year: 1654

By Nicholas Culpeper

Aphorisms For Resolving Horary Questions (61 – 80)


In any matter promised by any aspect, consider diligently whether there be not any frustration: if there be, there will be hinderance by persons signified by the Planet frustrating.



In every Question, consider part of Fortune: if it be will dignified, the Querent get by thing or men signified by the house it is in: if ill dignified, let him expect loss from such. The like may be said of Jupiter and Venus.



Beware of men and things belonging to that house where the Dragons tail is: seldom times but the Querent receives loss, damage, slanders, or scandal, by men or things signified by that house.



Judge not rashly of the Conjunction of two Planets, before you have considered what signe they are in: for if it be a signe of their own nature, it increaseth their signification; if not, the contrary.



Also consider the nature of the signe, whether humane, violent, &c. fixed or moveable, &c. and order your judgement accordingly.



Of this, and all significators, whether they be with fixed Stars of or against their own natures: for the one mightily increaseth, the other retards their significations.



Figures of Horary Questions are either true or false, according to the intent of the Querent.



Beware of Questions when Mars is in the Ascendant, or when Scorpio ariseth: for it is a signe of falsity.



A Radical Figure resembles either the nativity, or the revolution of the nativity of the Querent.



In a Question truly Radical, there is a sympathy between the matter propounded, and the position of the heavens at the time of the posposition. This is the most absolute way to judge of the radicalness of a Figure.



Love and Hatred cause errour in judgment: the one magnifies trifles, the other depresseth great matters. Ye see what impartial men Astrologers ought to be.



When benevolent Planets are Lords of the eighth or twelfth houses, and ill dignified, the Querent shall receive damage from reputed honest men.



A man had need have a special care of his judgement, when the seventh house of his Lord are impedited.



The seventh house and his Lord are Significators for the Artist; and therefore when they are afflicted, his judgement is subject to be clouded.



The matter of any Question is obscured, when the Planet signifying the thing is either under the earth, or under the sun-beams.



But if the Planet signifying the thing, be out of combustion, direct, and in the tenth house, the business lies as clear as the noon-day.



Do not judge rashly that the absent party is dead: it may be he is but drunk.



Do not rashly judge a man is wounded: it may be he was let blood.



Do not judge rashly that a man shall finde hid treasures: it may be he may but take something to pledge. The figures of these Questions are alike; and by these you may finde out many others of like nature.



In all Questions, see what dignity the Lord of the Ascendent had in the precedent Lunation; and order your judgement accordingly.


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