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Neptune in the Eleventh House

The eleventh house refers to the friends of the native, and the society in which he will move, generally speaking Neptune in this position will cause him to attract, taking it by long and by large, Neptunian persons. He is likely to associate with actors, artists, and among women neurotic persons and those of ill repute. He will not he very tenacious in friendship – he will be very capricious in his dealings_ He will probably take an extraordinary fancy to a person and cultivate him violently for a little while and then leave him just as suddenly, without any quarrel or other definite reasons. It seems as if there were no deep root in affections of this character. He will be somewhat unfortunate, too, in his acquaintances, for it is really rather absurd to speak of them as friends. They will treat him as cavalierly as he does them. It is not unlikely that these relations will result in a very great degree of unhappiness, for as a general rule, the emotions are not sufficiently deep-seated. There are, however, cases in which definite misfortune may result. For example, Nell Gwynn, who had this position, was left to starve by all those who had courted her in the days of her prosperity.

The element of treachery is, however, decidedly marked. One may instance Napoleon – who was betrayed by his own Marshal. His fall was certain, owing to the presence of Saturn in the tenth house, but it is Neptune in the eleventh that indicates the manner of that fall. It is but rarely that this position must be taken so seriously. In the average case it means little more than the trivial troubles described above, but wherever the horoscope indicates greatness, every aspect and position therein is emphasised, and becomes significant of far more important events than if the nativity as a whole is weak. In the case of a person like Napoleon, practically every detail of the life is found accurately mapped by the planetary position. In the case of lesser men, there is such a superficiality that the forces of nature seem hardly to care to condescend to arrange their affairs, or perhaps it would be better to say that the material on which they operate is too muddy to produce clean-cut effects.

The eleventh house refers also to the wishes and hopes of the native. These may be fantastic and lack the sense of actuality. He may be always, as the phrase goes, ‘wishing for the moon’, and he will not· be very stable and enduring. He will take up a matter with enthusiasm and drop it without regret. This, however, may be called day dreams. The main moral purpose of his life may be perfectly firm and clear, but it is certainly probable that a man who has Neptune thus placed will want more than he is ever likely to get. Still as Browning says:

Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, Or what’s a Heaven for?

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