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Neptune in the Twelfth House

The twelfth house in the first place relates to prisons, by which we mean to include any kind of restraint that is placed upon the freewill of the native. With regard to the probabilities of actual confinement, Neptune is not particularly good or particularly bad. In some cases, it might, perhaps, mean that he was liable to continuous small distresses of this kind, and if there were extremely bad aspects, a long and wasting imprisonment might possibly be expected, but with regard to what may be described as interior restraints, the effect is extremely irritating, especially if Neptune be well on in the twelfth house, near the cusp of the first. In such an instance, it might well be that the native was constantly dominated ‘by his own whims. Its action might interfere seriously with the general purpose of his life. The twelfth house is itself a restraining influence, and it is possible that a bad aspect from the ruler of the mind or of the will might imply completely moral imbecility.

The twelfth house also refers to the secret enemies of the native, and to the intrigues which may be aimed at him. Here the influence is rather favourable, for the enemies are not persistent. but they may cause a great deal of annoyance before they evaporate.

Another matter, with which the twelfth house deals is that of secret associations, and here the influence of Neptune is as good as possible. A person with Neptune in this position should be extremely successful, not only in carrying through any …

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