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Uranus in the Ninth House

The ninth house, referring as it does to matters of science and religion in the first place, we may expect to find it one of the happiest of homes for Uranus, the best part of whose nature is concerned with the same subjects. As will be seen later there may be considerable danger when it approximates too closely to the cusp of the tenth. When fairly into the ninth, however, it may be described as altogether admirable, so far as it is a determinant of the quality of the subconscious mind.

Two of the greatest mystics of the religious type which this earth has ever produced are the Prophet of Nazareth and William Blake .. both of whom had this position. The intensely religious quality of the subliminal outlook is indicated in the first case by a sextile of Luna and the presence of Saturn in the same house. While in the latter we find a sextile of Mars.

Pure literature has similar distinguished representatives in Emile Zola and Oscar Wilde. The extraordinary character of the point of view conferred by Uranus is well brought out in both these instances and the casual reader might think that one might have to go far and look deep to sec the religious quality in either of these writers. Yet the religion of humanity informs hath of them. As is evidenced in the case of Zola, less by his work itself than by the subtle quality underlying and inspiring it, while with the Irish writer, it expressed itself more clearly in such writings as ‘The Soul of Man under Socialism’ and De Profundis. It is to be observed, of course, in all these cases, that Uranus is not a religious planet In the same sense as Jupiter. He is always big, broad-minded and unconventional, more occupied with goodwill toward men than any problem of theology. Occasionally. he appears to devote himself exclusively to science as is the case of Copernicus, where the aspects are uniformly admirable. Uranus, however, being in Scorpio, one could not expect any but a scientific turn.

Two great poets, Swinburne and de Musset, have this same position :and in these cases it will be noted that the religious instinct IS expressed as is so often the case, in terms of absolute irreligion. As Fuller2 so remarks, ‘the first Christians were called atheists, yet they believed in God; the last Christians are called theists, yet they do not believe in God; the first free-thinkers were called atheists, yet they believed in no-God; the last free-thinkers will be called theists, yet they will not believe in no-God.’

Swinburne’s ‘Hymn of Man’, ‘Before a Crucifix’ and similar poems are far more truly religious than any number of those treatises which are usually considered pious, if only because their conception of the cosmos is so much greater and therefore so much more reverent. The conventional theological conception that this minute planet is the sale centre of the divine interest may be called the blasphemy of an egomaniac. Always assuming the justice of the courts which condemned George Edalji, this position of Uranus is very instructive, with regard to the quality of his mind. For Uranus is in exact opposition to Mercury, a reference to the chapter on the aspects to Uranus will enlarge upon this poi nt.

As to the more general indication of this position, it may be said that great activity of the subconscious nature is implied. The mind is usually very sensitive, very psychic, very intuitive and above all, has the faculty of that true kind of mysticism which understands all phenomena as necessarily correlated or to use the well-known phrase of the mystic’s oath ‘interprets every phenomenon as a direct dealing of God with the Soul. People born with this position nearly always continue mental activity through sleep and in many cases, especially if Uranus be afflicted, particularly by Luna or Neptune, they may be subject to disquieting dreams. During the childhood of such persons, they need the most careful guardianship. If they suffer from nightmare or are afraid of the dark, they must not be punished, but every precaution must be taken to relieve their troubles. If they find a lack of sympathy on the part of the parents, their whole lives may be ruined. Very often in the best cases, the activity of the sub-conscious mind during sleep will be extremely beneficial, leading to waking thoughts of an extremely valuable character. It will appear as if actual inspiration followed upon awakening, or sometimes may be carried on into the waking state and produce a kind of illumination. The problems that had worried one during the previous day will be solved in the morning. These tendencies are well worth encouraging; people with this position are often extremely well-suited for a life of meditation and prayer, or whatever they may choose to call it. We only Imply the substitution of the consciousness of the world which lies behind and above phenomena, for that illusory and changing world itself.

Such people, however, should avoid externalising their views, as people of a more ordinary turn of mind are likely to be antagonised by their expression.

Besides the comparatively commonplace experiences spoken of above, it is quite probable that the native may be (fitted in no ordinary degree for the obtaining of the very highest class of spiritual development. The names of the two great religious teachers cited above are sufficient evidence on this point.

As before, the quality of Uranus deteriorates, when we come to his influence upon material things. The brothers and sisters of the marriage partner are likely to be eccentric persons and to cause an infinity of trouble. In the matter of long journeys, Uranus again is unfortunate, especially if he be in a watery sign, when there is danger of drowning.

Care must be taken in deciding such points to look closely into the aspects of Uranus with regard to the lords of any other houses which may be concerned in such matters, and when the native wishes to start upon a journey, he should look closely into his direction and transits. There is, however, this to be said. that he will be liable to find himself compelled to undertake such journeys with the greatest suddenness, so that he will hardly have time to consider whether or no he be wise in doing so.

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