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Uranus in the Tenth House

The primary indication of the tenth house being the mother, she will be indicated by Uranus in the same way as the father in the fourth house and the same remarks may be taken to apply to her, as were made in the case of him. It is however not quite so favourable because Uranus possesses qualities which may be forgiven in a man, but are quite inexcusable in a woman. It is also less antecedently probable that the best side of the government planet will be brought out, while science and remain principally in the hands of the sterner sex.

This incompatibility of Uranus with femininity is so pronounced that unless there is some strong reason to the contrary it will be wiser to look for the mother In the lord of the tenth rather than in Uranus.

Far more important is the reference of the tenth house to the professional career and reputation of the native. Here he finds ample scope for the development of all his peculiarities. He may exalt to the greatest heights, but this will nearly always be through vicissitudes and adventures of no mean order and the chance of a crash is as great as, or perhaps even greater than when Saturn occupies this position, as is indicated in the proper place. Except, however, where It IS death that closes the chapter, there is not the same reason for despair. Uranus knocks you down suddenly, but very often gives you a chance to get up again, whereas the calamities caused by Saturn are but the culminations of a process of attrition. Thus we find Gladstone defeated again and again by overwhelming majorities, only to come· back to power with equal suddenness and vehemence within a few years or even months. A study of the meteoric career of Winston Churchill should also be instructive in this connection.

An even more splendid destiny was that of Paul Kruger. Fate frequently seemed to desert him, but he always came back until the final blow of the last Boer War.

The adventures of Jay Gould on Wall Street form another chapter in the history of this position, and. a very characteristic one. In the case of Rossetti, the reputation not only went through innumerable fluctuations, .but owing to the conjunction of Mars and Neptune III the ninth, was hurt by his fall to madness. Ruskin’s celebrity was of the same great and yet doubtful character, while with Chatterton S 5 we see his fame based not really so much upon the work which he accomplished as upon the discovery of his forgeries, his suicide and the scandal caused thereby. The square of Uranus to the Sun perhaps indicates that the loss of reputation caused by the exposure would threaten the life itself.

The extraordinary reputation of Ludwig II of Bavaria and his deposition and death, whether that came about by his own hand or another’s, is particularly characteristic of· the actions of Uranus.

His influence is further shown in every one of these nativities as determining an extremely fantastic type of reputation, possibly quite undeserved. The publicity given by the planet combines with this cause to create the maximum of scandal, with the minimum of cause. Everyone of the people we have mentioned was attacked persistently in the most shocking manner, in a manner quite out of proportion to any possible crimes that any human being could ever have committed. No one who was not. living in England during the prime of Gladstone’s power can possibly understand the ferocity of the hatred which pursued him. No lie was too absurd to circulate about him, no proposal for dealing with him too drastic. He was identified by quite orthodox clergymen with the Beast of the Apocalypse and quite responsible people who would not have hurt a fly, seriously counselled his assassination.

Winston Churchill has been attacked in a very similar manner. A most damaging story with regard to his escape from Pretoria was circulated again and again, until repeated prosecution for libel closed the mouths of his enemies in that particular respect, and that is only one of the hundreds of such attacks. One has only to read the English newspapers of 1915 to perceive the almost incredible bitterness of his enemies. A similar search through the files of the English newspapers of the nineties will disclose similarly insane fury towards Kruger. Rossetti was the victim of the most cruel persecution; witness Buchanan’s The Fleshly School of Poetry. Ruskin incurred the enmity of Whistler, and was as good as flayed alive by him in, the ‘The Gentle Art of Making Enemies’. Those familiar with American newspapers and magazines do not need to be reminded that Jay Gould was the victim of equally persistent and bitter attacks.

The native with this position must accordingly be prepared to take the rough with the smooth in the matter of reputation. Even in the narrow circles of ordinary private life, this is the case; and as Uranus with such people cannot expand in the same way as he does with public characters. the good side of him may be aborted .. Women especially are certain to lose every shred of reputation; It IS the most fatal indication possible.

So far as Uranus indicates the profession, the action IS principally that of vicissitudes; it is very much better for anyone who has this to endeavour in every way to make his business as public as possible, to connect himself wherever he can with some great body. A doctor, for example, should try to secure a government appointment. If he sticks to private practice, there is almost certain to be .trouble. .

The tenth house also indicates the superior of the native and this is not so entirely bad. The employer will no doubt be a masterful person of great authority and strong will, but he will be broadminded and probably little inclined to petty tyranny. At the same time he may be apt to dismiss the native for some reason which the latter cannot understand.

With regard to the business of the native, he will be wise to enlarge it, as in the case of the professional man. He should look for government contracts and concern himself rather with wholesale than with retail business. He must always be on the look-out for bankruptcy, strikes, and other interferences with his trade. When all is said, this position of Herschel is not desirable; unless he is very well aspected, the career in whatever branch of life it may lie, is sure to be tempestuous.

A final point to consider is that where Uranus is in aspect to the lord of the Ascendant, he may cause the native to be extremely bold or even rash and over-confident. Let such a one remember, if he can, that ‘at his initiation, he was taught to be cautious’.

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