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If the sick party shall recover from his sicknesse or not.

In resolving this question, we are to consider the strength of the Lord of the ascendant, and what favourable aspect is cast unto him, and we are to see if there be any benevolent Planet in the ascendant, for if Jupiter or Venus who are naturally Fortunes, shall be in the ascendant, or with the Lord thereof in a good house of Heaven, and they not Lords of the sixth, eighth, or twelfth houses, then we may judge nature is strong, so likewise if the Lord of the ascendant be free from misfortune, essentially strong & more powerfull, then the Lord of the 6 house, it is a good signe, for Nature seems then to be more strong, and better fortified then the Disease, and also able to worke out the offending humor: moreover if the Lord of the ascendant be free from any aspect of the Lord of the eight house, or Planet posited in the eight, and also free from combustion, and not under the Sun-beames, it is a strong argument of recovery, likewise if there be no translation of light between the Lord of the eighth, and Lord of the ascendant, and if the Moon be free from any Aspect of the Lord of the eight House, or Planet posited therein, then it signifieth good to the sick party, and giveth hopes of recovery.

The Lord of the tenth house in a friendly aspect with the Lord of the ascendant, argueth that the sick party shall be cured by Medicine, the like significaiton hath Jupiter or Venus, being in the ascendant, or with the Lord thereof: now it is to be noted, that the 7 house represents the Physician[1], the tenth house his Medicine, if therefore the seventh house be afflicted, the Physician[1] shall not cure the sick party, if the tenth house be also afflicted, the Physick which has been, or is administred to the sick, is not proper for the disease, and worketh no good effect.


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