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If the sick party be bewitched or not.

When it shall be demanded whether one be bewitched or not, then have regard to the Lord of the 12 house, and observe whether he be in any malevolent aspect of the Lord of the ascendant, or posited in the ascendant, for if the Lord of the 12, afflict the ascendant or Lord thereof, either by his corporall presence, or by square or opposition aspects, or if they be afflicted or oppressed by any malevolent Planet in the 12, then the sicknesse or disease is more then naturall: likewise the Lord of the ascendant in the 12, argues the same; but in delivering judgement upon this quere, observe these Aphorismes.

  1. If the ascendant shall be oppressed by the Lord of the 12, or the Lord thereof, afflicted in the 12, then it is to be feared, the sick party is bewitched.
  2. The Moon in the 12, or any other Planet therein in opposition to the lord of the ascendant, argueth that an evill spirit hath power over the sick party.
  3. Lord of the ascendant combust in the 12, intimateth the same.
  4. Lord of the ascendantin the sixth, in opposition, to the Lord of the 12 house, gives suspition of witchcraft.
  5. Lord of the ascendant also, Lord of the 12, & unfortunate, declareth that the sick party is under an ill tongue, so likewise the sign of the ascendant, and sign of the 12 both one, intimateth the same.
  6. The Lord of the 8 in the 12, or applying to the Lord thereof, and then immediately joyning to the Lord of the ascendant, translating thereby the influence of the 12 house, and Lord thereof, to the ascendant, signifieth the death of the sick party by witchcraft.
  7. The Lord of the 6 house, in the 8, 12, or 6. signifieth a secret and occult disease, more then naturall.

These Aphorismes, or any of them signifieth and declareth the most approved and assured way in judging of witchcraft.

Now in judging or discovering what party it is that bewitcheth the sick, or hath inchanted him, then describe the Planet that is Lord of the 12 house, and you shall have the complection, stature, and condition of the Witch, ever considering in what house of Heaven he is posited, & out of what house he afflicts the ascendant, or Lord thereof, and what house he is Lord of besides the 12, so shal you have with due consideration, the cause of the Witches inchanting the sick party.

Lord of the 3, Lord also of the 12, or posited therein, or afflicting the ascendant, or Lord thereof, or Lord of the 12 in the 3 house, afflicting the ascendant, or Lord thereof, shews the Witch to be a near neighbour to the sick party, &c. and so if we consider in what house the lord of the 12 is in, and out of what house he afflicts the Lord of the ascendant, we shall have also the cause of inchantment, &c.

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