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Anima Astrologiae



Year: 1676

By William Lilly

Considerations of Guido Bonatus (111-121)

  1. The 111th is, to consider in Nativities and Questions especially of Lawsuits and controversies, whether the Dragon’s Tail be in the Seventh? For that signifies damage or overthrow to the Native’s enemies and prosperity to the Native or Querent, because the Dragon’s Head will then be in the Ascendant. If it be in the 8th it denotes the decay and loss of their estate or substances, and increase of the Native’s. In the third, prejudice to the Native’s brethern. In the fourth, to the Parents. In the fifth, to his children. In the sixth, to his servants. In the ninth, to his journeys. In the tenth to his preferment. In the eleventh, to his Friends. In the twelfth, to his cattle of the greatest sort, &c. and so to all other things signified by each House respectively: so do Saturn and Mars also, but not so much. Likewise ‘tis observable that other ill positions may make void the said significations, but not so much as Saturn and Mars, unless they themselves are significators of the mischief, and then much of their malice is abated.
  2. The 112th is strictly to examine and regard in every Nativity or Question, the Ascendant; for whosoever shall have ‘Virgo’ ascend and Mercury in good condition, or at least not afflicted; if he study and practice Physic he shall have success and do great cures, but shall be unhappy in his salary or profit thereby; not being able to get his fees of most of his Patients; and besides, shall be unhappy in Lawsuits. But if he follow the law, he shall be unfortunate in all his business, and slighted; his words, though never so prudent, not regarded, no not by them for whose advantage he speaks, but a fool’s discourse preferred, and whatever he meddles in shall turn out untoward, and people be his enemies without cause, and asperse and scandalize him, but they know not why. But far otherwise will it be if Sagittarius, Taurus, or Pisces ascend and Jupiter, Venus and Mercury, shall be in the Ascendant, or if Jupiter and Venus shall happen to be in ‘Zaminium, or the heart of the Sun, whatever the Ascendant be the native shall be admired as a Prophet, and all his words received as Oracles, or the distates of destiny.
  3. The 113th Is To Consider, Whether either of the Infortunes be in the 9th House, and with out Dignities? for then the Native or Querent shall be often blamed and accused, and that without cause, as much as for one, But if a Fortune be there well affected (especially having Dignity there) he shall on the other side be praised, applauded, and honoured, whether there be cause or reason for it or no.
  4. The 114th Is To Consider, Whether the Lord of the Eighth be a Fortune, and in the Second? for then the Native or Querent shall gain considerably by the goods of people deceased, of his enemies, and by his wives, especially if such planet shall be free from Impediment or have Dignities there. But if an Infortune be there, it signifies loss and decay of the Native’s estate, unless he have dignities there and be otherwise well affected, and in good condition, for then it will be little or no prejudice; but without dignities, and in an ill state, it wholly and totally destroys and ruins all hopes of estate.
  5. The 115th Is To Consider, Whether the Eighth House, or it Lord be afflicted? For then shall the Querent or Native be damnified, and lose an estate by the death of a wife, which she enjoyed for life or the like.
  6. The 116th Is, To Consider which of the Houses, or their Lords are afflicted, or under impediment? For that signifies that hurt and damage will accrue to the Native, by reason of the things signified by that House; and soon the contrary, if they are Fortunes, good and advantage from tile same things.
  7. The 117th Is To Consider, If the Dragons Tail be in the Fourth; for that signifies, that whatever the Native or Querent shall get shall be squandered away, and come to nothing; and wherever it is, it signifies damage to the Native in and from that House represented.
  8. The 118th Is, To consider in what House a Fortune shall be fortunate and strong, well disposed, and not afflicted; for in and by these persons or things by that House signified, shall the Native or Querent gain profit, and make his fortune; and so on the contrary of a House that is afflicted.
  9. The 119th Is To Consider, If the Lord of the second be in the seventh, and the Seventh be in Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn or Aquarius; for then the Native’s enemies shall easily take away his goods and right; and if he associate himself with persons,. they shall rob him: and his wife or mistress shall cheat him, and steal whatever she can from him: unless the Lord of the Ascendant be in Trine or Sextile to the Lord of the Seventh, or in other aspects with reception.
  10. The 120th Consideration is, To observe whether the Lords of any of these Eight Houses, viz., the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 9th, 11th, or 12th, be in the 7th ? for whichsoever of them is there, the person by him signified will prove the Native’s enemy, unless a perfect reception, with some good aspect as Trine or Sextile intervene. Yet a Square or Opposition with Reception will abate the enmity, but not wholly prevent it. Thus if it be the Lord of the 3rd, his Brethern will prove his enemies; if the 4th, his Parents; if of the 5th, his Children, &c., nor shall he gain of or by them so much as he shall lose another time; or if any of them sometimes appear kindly, it will be but from the teeth outward, and for their own ends, &c. 121.The 121st is whether the Moon be in the 8th and the Lord of the Ascendant in the Ascendant; 2nd, or 12th, Retrograde? For then the Native or Querent will not be fortunate, nor have any luck at playing at dice or any other gaming.

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