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Anima Astrologiae



Year: 1676

By William Lilly

Considerations of Guido Bonatus (122-124)

  1. The 122nd is, Whether the Part of Fortune be in the first 10 degrees of the 4th House, with the Dragon’s Head, the Moon, Venus and Jupiter, and they direct? – for that signifies that the Native shall be lucky in discovering and finding out hidden treasure. If it be in the second 10 degrees, or but with two of the said Planets, he shall find some, but not in so great quantity. In the last 1-degrees, and with but one less, and yet a considerable parcel; and if only the Part of Fortune be there not afflicted, then a small quantity. If the Sun behold it with a Trine or Sextile, it will be Gold uncoined; if the Moon, Silver; if Jupiter, a mixture of Gold and Silver, &c. If Venus, precious stones, Lockets, and for the most part Women’s Ornaments. But if they be Retrograde, he shall discover the treasure, but not for himself, another shall get the profit. If the Lord of the 8th behold the Lord of the Ascendant with a square or Opposition, the finder shall die by reason of it; but if it be with a Trine or Sextile, he shall only catch some small disease or sickness. If the Dragons Tail be there instead of the Head, he shall find it, but it shall be taken from him; he shall find it, but it shall be taken from him; or being ignorant what it is, he shall give it away almost for nothing; and if the Moon be then separated from the Lord of the Ascendant and joined to an Infortune that afflicts her, he to whom ‘tis so given shall have little profit by it. If Mars or the Lord of the Eighth behold the Lord of the Ascendant, they that take it from him shall kill him. But if Mars and Saturn shall be in the place of Jupiter and Venus, the business will be only brass or copper or lead, and if the Lord of the Ascendant be with them, the discoverer is wearied with it, whatever it be, whether vile or precious.
  2. The 123rd Consideration Is, To observe in Nativities or Questions? Whether the Sun and Moon are in Conjunction in one and the same minute, both according to Longitude and Latitude, and any of the Fortunes in the Ascendant that is within 15 minutes above the cusp thereof, or 24 minutes below it; for that signifies that the Native shall be happy in getting a great estate and heaping up of money; but if they be only in exact Conjunction to Longitude, and not according to Latitude, and their distance one from the other be within 15 minutes he will still be fortunate in acquiring substance; but so much the less, by how much the further such distance is and so proportionately. If they happen to be above 15 minutes distance, the same thou mayst conclude if the Moon shall be in the very minute of opposition to the Sun, and a Fortune be in the seventh, which signifies the estate of the Querent or Native in respect of his wives, companions, or enemies. And if at that time of birth Taurus ascend, and the Moon be there, or the very minute ascending, or Leo ascending, and the Sun in the minute ascending, and not afflicted by either of the Infortunes, it signifies that the Native shall get much money, and come to great preferment and honour; but either of the Infortunes be in the said places instead of the Fortune, it denotes loss and destruction of estate to the Native or Querent by or on the occasions aforesaid.
  3. The 124th Consideration Is, To regard in Nativities and Questions, the Significators of the Querent’s and Native’s estate and also of his preferment, calling or profession; which thou mayest take to be the Lord of the Tenth, or of the Ascendant, if the other shall not be fit to signify the same; for if the Lord or Almuten of the l0th be with the Light of Time or erect and tall from it, and distant 60 degrees or upwards even to 90 degrees ; if it be one of the Superiors, or 30 degrees if it be on of the Inferiors, and in the Angle of the Tenth, or in the Ascendant within 30 minutes above the cusp, or a degree and a half below it, and not afflicted: it signifies that the Native shall attain to the Dignity and profession of his Ancestors, and not exceed it, yet shall be more skillful, excellent, and perfect therein than any of them; but if there be in either of the said Angles any of tile aforesaid helping and fortunate Fixed Stars with the Planet of Fortune or any of the Planets, he will far surpass his forefathers in dignity. And if such Fixed Stars shall be of the first Magnitude and sole Significators, the Native or Querent shall be raised to cast honours and riches, almost inestimable: which if beheld by the Lord of the Ascendant, then his fame and honour lies in his own Person; if by the Lord of the 2nd, in his riches; if by the Lord of the 10th in his offices, command, or empire; and this though in never so poor and vile people; the meaner their condition was, to so much the greater height shall they arrive. But this shall not endure long, for they seldom go beyond 27 or 30 years. And look, how much the more sublime was their fortune, by so much the more grievous, miserable, and calamitous shall be their fall; for they shall die an ignoble filthy death, or if they escape it, the same shall happen to their next successor.

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