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Anima Astrologiae



Year: 1676

By William Lilly

Considerations of Guido Bonatus (125-126)

  1. The l25th Consideration is, To observe in Nativities or Questions what sign ascends: if it be the sign of a Planet that hath two Houses, the exercise of troubles of the Native or Querent shall be chiefly in those things signified by the other House of the said Planet, which shall lightly happen to him and for the most part through his own means. As if the Ascendant be in Aries, he shall be excused in those things as shall be in the cause of his own death or fall because Scorpio the other House of Mars will be then in the Eighth House: but if Mars be well disposed and the Part of Fortune happen in the Eighth he shall be very fortunate in all things signified by that House. If Taurus ascend he shall be exercised in those things as shall cause his own weakness, because Libra which is the other House of Venus will be then the Sixth House. But if Venus be well disposed, and Part of Fortune in the Sixth, he shall be most lucky in things appertaining to the Sixth House. If the Ascendant be in Gemini he shall be exercised in such things as shall occasion his being taken; because Virgo, Mercury’s other House, will be on the fourth; but if Mercury be well disposed and Part of Fortune in the fourth, he will be prosperous in things belonging to the Fourth House. If Virgo ascends, he will be exercised in things that will gain him honour and power, because Gemini, Mercury’s other House, is in the tenth. If Mercury be then in Conjunction with the Part of Fortune and in the Ascendant, he shall acquire as it were a King’s revenue. But if Mercury be in the tenth with the Part of Empire, fortunate and strong, he shall undoubtedly obtain a Kingdom or supreme command; and if this Part of Fortune and the Moon be also in the Tenth, he will be a mighty Prince infallibly. If Libra ascend, he shall be exercised in things that shall hasten his own death, because Taurus the other House of Venus will be then in the Eighth. But if Venus be well disposed and the Part of Fortune in the Eighth he will be lucky in things represented by the Eighth House: and so of any other sign. Scorpio ascending the Native or Querent shall bring diseases on himself because Aries is the sixth. Sagittarius ascending, he shall fool himself into captivity because Pisces is on the Fourth. Capricorn ascending, he shall gain much by his industry, for Aquarius is then on the Second House. But if Saturn be ill disposed he shall squander away and waste his own substance idly. If Aquarius ascend he shall procure himself many secret enemies. Because Capricorn will be than in the Twelfth House. If Pisces ascend, he shall raise himself to honour, etc.
  2. The 126th consideration is, To take notice in Nativities and Questions, whether Mercury be significator wholly or in part, fortunate and strong and in Capricorn or Aquarius? For then the Native shall be of profound and piercing wit, and great understanding; one that shall dive into the bottom of things, and see from the beginning what the issue will be; and so much the more if Saturn fortunate shall behold Mercury with a good aspect, especially if Mercury be in Aquarius, which is the delight of Saturn; and still more if a Fortune shall be with Mercury, and he with one of the propitious Fixed Stars. But if Mercury be in Aries or Scorpio, the Native will be bold, Perfidious, inconstant, arrogant, and yet quick of apprehension; rather nimble to repeat or find out things said by others than invent them himself.

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