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Anima Astrologiae



Year: 1676

By William Lilly

Considerations of Guido Bonatus (17-25)

  1. The 17th Consideration, is to view whether the Planet that is Significator, be safe and prosperous, that is free from any affliction from the Infortunes; and one of the Fortunes casts his beams or light on the beams of such Significator; for then shall that Planet be said to be safe and guarded till the Fortune is passed by the space of one minute, and signifies the perfection of the thing. But after he has passed him one minute, it will not be perfected or accomplished; for it only raises hopes; as (we said) the malevolent in the like case could do nothing, but create fear. Yet is such a hope as the Querent will believe and fancy himself as it were certain; yet not without something of doubt; as for example, A Question is proposed of some weighty and difficult business, whether it will be done and brought to pass or not? And 17 degrees of Scorpio Ascends, and Mars is 12 degrees 13 minutes of Taurus, and Venus in 12 degrees and 14 minutes of Capricorn, so that Venus is joined to Mars by a Trine, and receives him in her House, who likewise receives her in his Exaltation; so that the Querent thinks, and all others concerned verily believe, that it would be accomplished by that aspect of perfect friendship; in which flattering hopes they continue till Venus hath passed the Aspect of Mars one whole degree; but at last the business comes to just nothing at all, because Venus was past Mars one minute at the time of the question proposed. Yet may a thing possibly in such a case be brought to pass, but not without extraordinary labour and trouble. And here likewise ‘Zaell’ affirms, “That if the Fortune be cadent from the Ascendant, so that it cannot behold the same, it onely flatters with splendid hopes, but never compleats the business.”
  2. The 18th Consideration, Is to take notice when a planet is in the Angles of the Infortunes, for unless these receive him there, he shall be said to be in an ill condition, and in straits and troubles; as a man on whom some have made an assault; who has many to combat with and none to assist and take his part; or like one that strives against the stream, or falls into a deep pool, and knows not how to swim; and yet by trusting out his hands and feet, may obtain the bank and escape; though this seldom happens. Now a planet is said to be in the Angles of a Malevolent, when the Malevolent or Infortune, viz., Saturn or Mars, is in one sign, and the other Planet in the fourth, seventh or tenth from him: as if Mars be in Aries, and Mercury in Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn, he is said to be in his Angles: understand the like of their Corporal Conjunction. But if there be Reception, he does not afflict; for reception abates all malice, as we have said elsewhere.
  3. The 19th Consideration is, To behold the Moon if she be ‘void of course,’ for then it signifies an impediment to the thing in question, it will not come to a good end, nor be accomplished; but the Querent shall be forced to desist with shame and loss.
  4. The 20th Consideration is, To observe whether the Moon or Significator be joined to any of the Planets, for thence you must derive your judgment of what is like to happen in business. Take notice therefore whether the planet to which the Moon or Significator joins, receives them; for then there will be good laudable end; and the matter will be accomplished with success, if the receiver be a Fortune. But if there be no reception, yet if the Moon or Significator shall give virtue to that planet, the thing will still come to pass. But if it be an Infortune, though they do not give him virtue, yet without a reception it will not do; but with a reception, if he be not afflicted, it signifies a good end of the matter, though not without much labour and tediousness.
  5. The 21st Consideration is, To see from what planet the Moon separates: for that signifies what is past of the business: as from a Fortune the good, for an Infortune the ill that hath been.
  6. The 22nd Consideration is, To note which if the planets the Moon is now joined to, for that signifies what is now present; and from thence we must judge of the present state of the matter.
  7. The 23rd Consideration is, To behold to whom the Moon is now joyning, so as her conjunction is not yet compleated; for that signifies what is to come; wherefore if thou wouldst judge of a thing, which as yet is not, but ‘tis hoped will hereafter be brought to pass, ‘tis necessary then thou shouldst see to whom the Moon will next joyn; and according to her signification judge whether good or evil.
  8. The 24th Consideration is, To note whether the planet who is significator, be in his Declension, for then it causes a hindrance to everything thereby signified, and trouble and grief about it; and if the Question be about a prison wherein the Querent fears he shall be put, it signifies he shall be cast into the same together with disgrace and prejudice; and if the Question concerns one already in prison, it signifies confinement and more affliction than he believes.
  9. The 25th Consideration is, Whether the Planet that is Significator be Retrograde, or Stationary to Retrogradation: for then it signifies mischief and damage, discord, contradiction, and going backward with damage; yet being stationary, is not so bad, as being Retrograde. For the last notes the mischief to be, as it were, present and in being. But being Stationary notes that ‘tis past and over.

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