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Anima Astrologiae



Year: 1676

By William Lilly

Considerations of Guido Bonatus (11-16)

  1. The 11th Consideration, Is to take notice of the Malevolent Planets, and what they signify; for Saturn and Mars are naturally bad, Saturn for excess of cold, and Mars for excess of heat; not that either of them is really hot or cold, but virtually so; and these are their effects. And so they signifie evil and damage and hindrance, unless they receive the Significator or the Moon by House, Exaltation, or two of their smaller dignities; or shall themselves be Significators; for then they will bridle their malice, and not weaken or hinder him whom they receive, with what aspect soever they behold him; but if they do not receive, their malice is increased; and so much the more if they be in opposition or Square; for in Sextile or Trine the mischief is less. Yet ‘Zaell’ seems to say that Infortunes lay aside or restrain their malice, where they are in Trine or Sextile; but his meaning was only that they were not then so violent, and intended not that their malice was wholly abated.
  2. The 12th Consideration, Is to behold the Fortunes, and see what they signify; for Jupiter and Venus are Fortunes by Nature, and being temperate, are said to be without any malice, because they do hurt to none, unless now and then by accident; which is beside their intention and profitably, and always endeavour to help both their own and others, whether they receive them or not; but so much the better if they receive them; and their Trine or Sextile is better and more advantageous than their Square, and their square than their Oppositions.
  3. The 13th Consideration, is to regard the Sun and his Significators, for he is also called a fortune, and so, whatever aspect he shall be beheld by, unless it be Opposition; but by Conjunction he becomes an Infortune, because he then renders every star that is so in Conjunction with him, combust and unfortunate; unless the same shall be in the heart of the Sun, and there every star is fortified.
  4. The l4th Consideration, is to mind Mercury and the Moon, and what Planets they are joined with; because they will have the signification with those with whom they are so joined; being of a convertible nature.
  5. The 15th Consideration, is to regard the several ways in general whereby Planets make impressions on these inferior things, which are two, one good and the other bad; for the Fortunes have power of imprinting good naturally, and the Infortunes as naturally slower down ill impressions; whence thou mayest, wherever thou seest the Fortunes, hope for good; and when thou beholdest the Malevolents, fear mischief, unless the same be restrained as aforesaid.
  6. The 16th Consideration is to take notice whether the Planet is Significator of anything, be afflicted by either of the Malevolents; which is when one of them cast his rays upon the rays of such Significators, according to the quality of their Orbs; and Whilst he so continues with his rays or light under those of the Malevolent, such Significator is said to be impedited, hindered or afflicted, till the Malevolent have passed him; and ‘Zael’ says, “After the ill Planet has passed the Planet he did afflict, one whole degree, the Planet shall be said to be freed of him.” But rather I think that after the Malevolent is passed him one minute, he may be said to be free and excepted for afterwards he can only frighten him. True it is he raises a greater fear when he is passed him only one minute, than when he is gone by a whole degree; but yet even then it is such a kind of fear as is not altogether without some glimmering of hope. As thus, One intending to go into a Battle, inquires whether he shall return from thence safe and sound or not? And the Ascendant is Gemini 13 degrees, and Mercury in the 7th degree and 54 min. of Aquary, in the 9th joined with Saturn, who is likewise in 7 degrees 53 minutes of Aquary, so that Mercury is now separated from Saturn, who was Lord of the House of Death, one minute; whence it appears that he should have died in that engagement by reason of the Conjunction, and was in peril of death and a kind of desperate fear that he should be slain by his enemies and shall be pursued by them so that he shall be pursued by them so that he shall seem not able to escape, and they shall often lay hands on him, but at last he shall get away from them and make his escape; even beyond his own hopes; and all because Mercury is separated from Saturn; and ‘Zael” saith, “That if a Malevolent planet that would hinder any business be cadent from the Ascendant so that he cannot behold it, he cannot really hinder the matters; but only puts the persons concerned into terrors and frights about it.”

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