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Anima Astrologiae



Year: 1676

By William Lilly

Considerations of Guido Bonatus (70-76)

  1. The 70th Consideration is, To mind another secret; not well searched into by Astrologers, but often times doing them much prejudice; that is, see in all Questions, etc., whether the Lord of the New or Full Moon, preventional last before, be in any of the Angles of the thing enquired after; if it be, it denotes that the business will be accomplished, unless it be the Querent’s own fault (or that God overrule against it),though perhaps by other significations it seemed not likely. But if it shall not happen so but only the same is in the Ascendant; and the other significators that is, The Lord of the Ascendant of the thing enquired of and the Moon, or any of them assist, the thing well be done with ease. If it be in Cadent Houses, it will scarce ever be, though other significators seem never so favourable; and if two at least of them be not so, take it for certain it will never be done.
  2. The 7lst is to Consider whether the Significators falls between the Ascendant and the Twelfth, for that signifies continuance or length of time, when a thing will be done; or if done already, how long it will continue in days or hours. If between the twelfth and the tenth, it notes half-weeks; between the tenth and seventh, months or weeks; between the seventh and fourth, years; and between the Fourth and the Ascendant, half years.
  3. The 72nd is to Observe, That if the question be of a journey, and the Moon afflicted, it is not safe to undertake it; but if it cannot be put off, make the Planet that afflicts her, Lord of the Ascendant at the time of the Querent’s setting forth.
  4. The 73rd is to Mind, Whether the Questions signify good or evil? If good, whether the Fortunes behold the Significator of the Question, or the Moon? For then the good Fortune thereof will be increased: but if the Infortunes cast their beams, as much or more diminished. But if it originally signify evil, and the Infortunes behold the Significator or Moon, as aforesaid, the evil threatened will be increased and becomes much worse.
  5. The 74th is to Consider, Whether the Significator be in his first station, going to be Retrograde? For that signifies crossness and disobedience, and that the matter, though never so probable, will not be accomplished. If any work or building be then begun, it will not be finished. And if such Significator, so asserted, be then under the earth, such building shall not be raised to any purpose in thirty years, and then not finished; and if it be raised a little then, it will be a raising thirty years more. And if not then completed, it will not be completed till ninety years after its first; and if not then, it will never be finished, unless the property be altered, and come into the possession of strangers from its former owners. But if the Significator be in his second station, going to be direct, it notes that the affair will be done, but slowly, intricately, and with pains and trouble. And if an edifice be then begun, it will be finished; not so soon as was first believed, provided the Significator be not under the earth; for then he that begins it shall never make an end of it, nor raise it very high above the earth.

    “And note, A Planet in his second station signifies an aptness, and the renewing and strength of every thing; but in his first station, dissolution and destruction. Remember and understand those thing well, for they will often come in practice.”

  6. The 75th is to Consider, Whether the Moon be afflicted by any Planet? For then, whatever the question be, the same will suffer impediment. But if the Moon be in a good place from the Ascendant, so as to behold it with a Trine or Sextile, or if the Planet that afflicts her do behold the same. Either of these Aspects will mitigate the mischief intended, and it may be, wholly take it away, as the said afflicting Planet is disposed; so that he be not Cadent from angles, nor from the Ascendant, nor in his fall; that is with the seventh from is own House. ‘Zael’ seems to say That is an Infortune afflicting be cadent from the Ascendant, or Retrograde, it causeth fear in the Querent; but I always fear the affliction of the Moon above all other Impediments, and scarce Remember that I ever saw a good end of anything where she was afflicted and in journeys, if to war, was apprehensive of the Querent ‘s care and person; if for traffic, of straits, quarrels, sadness in his travels, and loss of money, &c.
  7. The 76th is to Consider, From what Planet the Moon separates, and which she is joined to; he whom she separates from signifies what hath been, the other what is to come, as we have said. And therefore, if she separates from an Infortune, and applies to a Fortune, the worst is past; and what hitherto has been had, will end happily to the Querent’s content. But if she separates from a Fortune, and goes to an Infortune, understand the contrary, the thing was good in the beginning, but proves naught in the end. If from a Fortune to a Fortune, is was and is good, and will have a laudable end. If from an Infortune to an Infortune, it will be an ugly conclusion.

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