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Anima Astrologiae



Year: 1676

By William Lilly

Considerations of Guido Bonatus (62-69)

  1. The 62nd is to Consider, Whether the Moon be void of course? For that signifies that the thing enquired after shall scarce ever come to a good end, and not without much labour, sorrow, and trouble, unless the Lord of the Ascendant or significator of the thing, shall be in very good condition, and then it may be hindered, but not wholly frustrated; yet ‘tis a good time then for drinking, bathing, feasting, &c., and to use ointments for taking away of hair, especially if she be in Scorpio.
  2. The 63rd is to Consider, Whether the Moon be far from the Conjunction of the Infortunes, so as not to cast her beams on theirs, for then the event will be good, but rather if she touch with her beams those of the Fortunes. And yet better, if besides this the Lord of the Ascendant, or of the business, be in good condition; for if they be not well disposed, it may impair the good promised, but not wholly prevent it.
  3. the 64th is to Consider, Whether the Moon be in Cancer, Taurus, Sagittarius, or Pisces; for it signifies good in the business, although she be joined to the Infortunes and not to the Fortunes; nor does she, being void of course, prejudice so much in those places as elsewhere, provided she be not Combust, for then they will advantage her little or nothing.
  4. The 65th is to Consider, Whether the Lord of the Seventh is afflicted or not? For that will be an impediment to the business. And you ought to defer judgment if you can, and warily search always whence such impediment shall arise, as well by the Conjunction of the Lord of the Seventh with the Planets, as by their separation, and also of the Moon; so may’st thou find whence it will proceed, and afterwards give judgment with more safety.
  5. The 66th is to Consider, When the Infortunes threaten mischief, whether the place on which their threats fall, be the Dignity of any of the Fortunes? And whether such Fortune behold the same place by Trine or Sextile? For then it will take away the mischief and annul it wholly. If by a square, it will only lessen it; if by an Opposition, take away some part of it; but if it cast no aspect at all, the mischief will happen; but it will proceed from honest, just, persons, and it will be the Querent suffers rightfully, being cast in a just cause before a Judge, or the like. But if the aforesaid place be the Dignity of an Infortune, the prejudice will come from unjust men, false witnesses, a corrupt Judge, or some sentence unjustly given through a mistake, &c.
  6. The 67th is to Consider, Whether there by any Eclipse near, which is less than 12 degrees from the Significator? For the same will bring damage and mischief to the Querent or business, unless there be a Fortune which hath Dignities in the same place, for then the same is abated; but if there be no such, thou oughtest to look what Planet beholds the said place of the Eclipse and how. For if the Fortunes behold it, they do but augment the evil; and if they are Infortunes, they lessen and abate it, which seems a kind of riddle or wonder in Art.
  7. The 68th is to Consider, In questions relating to sick people, or Decumbitures, Whether the Lord of the Seventh, and the Seventh House itself, be free from Impediments? For if they be, the sick may safely trust himself to the care of the Physicians, for medicines will do very well. But if the Seventh House and its Lord shall be Afflicted, Ptolomy saith “The Physician must be changed, for neither his Physick nor care will do any good”; for the seventh signifies the medicine as ‘Zaell’ saith; or at least the disease grows chronical and lasting. The like is to be expected if the same positions happen at the beginning of any cure.
  8. The 69th is to Consider, Whether the significators of the Ascendant, and of the House signifying the thing enquired, be of equal strength and debility? For then thou canst not safely give judgment: but in such case thou must mind the Lord of the Conjunction or Prevention (as the thing is either conjunctional or preventional) which was last before, and by that judge, but if the Lord of the Conjunction or Prevention, and of the things, be still equal, thou must then turn to the Moon, and see to whom she first applies, and thence deduce judgment. If she join not to any in or from the Sign in which she is, take that with whom she joins first in the next Sign, and this is very considerably useful.

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