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Opus Astrologicum


An Astrological WORK Left to POSTERITY

Year: 1654

By Nicholas Culpeper


For such as are going To
W A R .
Collected by
Student in Astrologie.

Printed for Rich. Moone & Steph. Chatfield.


The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament shews forth his handy-work.

The heavens hold forth the glory of God in a threefold manner:

By their

  • Creation,
  • Preservation.
  • Operation.

Creation, by Mighty Power.

Preservation, by Infinite Wisdom.

Operation, in manifold Vertues, by exceeding Harmony.

The heavens declare the glory of God by their Creation, being produced to a being from nothing: which is so great a work both too high for Intelligences and Angels. So the heavens themselves, simply considered, declare and manifest the glory of God by their Creation.

Concerning the second, their Preservation, they depend immediately upon God: for every creature, both spiritual and temporal, barely considered in itself, tends to a not being. And the  more excellencies a creature hath, the greater Providence it requires for its conservation; as a Horse needs lass Providence then an Angel, because an Angel hath more excellencies than a Horse.  Now the heavens declare the glory of God mightily in this respect, because it requires a wonderful hand of providence, to conserve them in that harmony they are in.

Concerning the third, the heavens wonderfully declare the glory of God, by their virtual operation; whence come so many variations and changes of times; Spring, Summer, Harvest, Winter, Cold, Heat, Rain, [missing word/s] Business, War, Plenty, Diseases, Pestilence [missing word/s] among Men, Bests, Fowls and Fishes; all these, and many more, too tedious to relate, come from the influence of the heavens, and wonderfully set forth the glory of God in creating such creatures with such wonderful influences.

All second causes act in the virtue of the first cause, and the first cause suspends their operations when he pleaseth, bringing an effect immediately of himself.

Concerning these second causes, and the concourse and operation of the heavens, divers learned men have written, That the effects do not fall out necessarily, but contingently: Ptol. In centiloqu. Judicia quae tibi trado, funt inter necessarium & possibile.

And so the Sun signifies cleerness, and Saturn cloudiness; because Sol is exalted, and Saturn cast down in Aries.

Also Jupiter is exalted, and Mars is cast down in Cancer; Jupiter signifies justice, Mars deceit.

So Venus signifies singing and mirth, Mercury Philosophy, and other Arts and Sciences.

And so the Planets have their several operations in the Signes, and also by their Conjunctions and Aspects, from which, happy Elections may be made for diverse business, part of which is our present scope.


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