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Opus Astrologicum


An Astrological WORK Left to POSTERITY

Year: 1654

By Nicholas Culpeper

Elections for such as go to War (1 – 15)


Such as go to War, ought above all things to have a care, that they may come safe home.



Therefore let the Sun, Venus, Jupiter, or the Dragons head, be in the Ascendent, otherwise they may come short home.



If Saturn be in the Ascendent, he will come home again a coward, and will be surprised with fear, and not fight.



If Mars be there, he will either die, or be dangerously wounded.



If both Saturn and Mars be there, be confident he will never return.



If the Lord of the Ascendent be in his fall, he will never return.



If no Planet be in the Ascendent, look in the eighth and tenth Houses: if an evil Planet be in the eighth, he will die; if in the tenth, he will be taken prisoner.



In Questions of Wars, if the Lord of the Ascendent, or other good Planets be in the Eastern Angle, the Querent will obtain what he desires.



If evil Planets be in the Ascendent, or the Lord of the Ascendent be in his fall, the Querent will be vanquished.



The tenth, eleventh, twelfth, Ascendent, second and third Houses, are appropriated to the assailant; but the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, to the defendant; and so are the Planets found in the them.



An ill Planet in M.C. signifies ill to the Querent, but in the I.C. to the Defendant.



If the Ascendent be a fixed Signe, the War will hold long; if a moveable Signe, but a little while; if a mean Signe, indifferent.



If the Lord of the Ascendent, and the Lord of the seventh House be in square or opposition, when the Question is demanded, no peace is to be hoped for, or expected.



If the Lord of the Ascendent and seventh House be in trine or sextile, a peace may be concluded by treaty, if they treat by such men as are of the condition of that Planet which is the Lord of the figure at the time of the Question.



If the Lord of the Ascendent be in the fourth House not impedited, or give good aspect to the Lord of the fourth, the Querent will obtain victory, honor, and profit.


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