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Opus Astrologicum


An Astrological WORK Left to POSTERITY

Year: 1654

By Nicholas Culpeper

ELECTIONS Concerning Hidden Treasures


Hidden Treasures belong to the fourth house, and to his Lord.


If the Lord of the Ascendent, and the Lord of the fourth house, be fortunate in the Nativity of any, and in good aspect the one to the other, and the Luminaries behold the Ascendent by good aspect; that native will be subject to, and fortunate in finding Hidden Treasures.


In Questions about such businesses, if the Lord of the fourth house be fortunate in the Ascendent, or the Lord of the Ascendent, or in the fourth house, the treasure may be found.


If in the Question Saturn, Mars, or the Dragons tail, be in the Ascendent, the Querent will take labour in vain in searching for it, and in the act will be troubled with foolish phantasies and illusions.


If good Planets be in angles, let the game go which way it will, there is a possibility of finding it, if good courses be taken.


If you would know whether there be any treasure or no, consider the Angles of the heaven, especially the Ascendent, then the fourth, then the tenth: for the seventh is of little or no value, in such businesses as these.


If within the first degrees ( to wit, five degrees from the Cusp) of these Angles, there be any good Planet, ‘tis a good argument there is treasure hid.


If the Signe possessing the Cusp of the fourth house be a fiery Signe, it lies in the east part; if airy, the west; if watry, the north; if earthly, the fourth part of the house.


Fiery Signes signifie it to be neer chimneys; airy, on the top of the house, about the ceiling or rafters; watry Signes, neer water; earthly Signes, in the earth, or cellars.


For the Planets, the Sun signifies open places; the Moon, neer gates or doors; Saturn, stinking moist places, cellars, and where they lay dust and coles.


Jupiter signifies halls of entertainment; Venus, bed-chambers; Mercury, walls.


You must also consider other testimonies, viz. the nature of the Signes, and of the Planets, Whether Oriental, or Occidental; whether Septentrional, or Meridional; and in what part of the heavens they be.


If the Lord of the Ascendent be in his house or exaltation, the treasure is great; if in his detriment or fall, ‘tis worth little.


If the Lord of the Ascendent be Oriental, ‘tis newly laid there: if Occidental, it hath been there a long time.


If the Lord of the Ascendent be fortunate, it may be had all; if infortunate, you must be content with part, and glad you can get that too.


Fiery and Airy Signes shew things of greater value then Earthly and Watry Signes do.


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