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Opus Astrologicum


An Astrological WORK Left to POSTERITY

Year: 1654

By Nicholas Culpeper

Elections for the Beginnings or Foundations of BUILDINGS

Hidden treasure, &

Collected, and put into this form,
Student in Astrologie.

Printed for Rich. Moone & Steph. Chatfield.

Elections for the Beginnings or Foundations of BUILDINGS.


A Man ought to have a regard in all edifices, that they may stand and continue long.


In the Foundations of Cities, in the first place regard the fixed stars, then joyn benevolent Planets with them.


In the foundation of houses, first regard the Planets, and their natures; and in the second place, the nature of the Signes.


If the Moon be in Scorpio or Pisces, having latitude Meridional descending, begin no building: if you do, it will quickly fall down.


The most fortunate time of all, to begin buildings, is when the Moon is in Aquarius; or else let Aquarius ascend, and the Moon behold it, and the Fortunes also, by good aspect, to wit, the degree ascending.


Also, Leo and Taurus are good, but not so good as Aquarius.


Let not the Lord of the Ascendant be combust, nor retrograde, nor in his fall, nor detriment, nor in ill aspect to any Planet.


If it be possible, let both the Luminaries behold the Ascendent.


At such a time, Saturn will do most good, or at least, least mischief in the twelfth house, and Mars in the sixth.


Beware that the Signe ascending at the revolution of the yeer, be not in the seventh house, when you lay the foundation: for then enemies enough will infest and molest the house.


The Lord of the Ascendent is strongest when he is in his Auge: for when he is opposite to his Auge, he is infortunate, because he is Retrograde.


If an ill Planet be peregrine in the tenth house, the building will stand as long as a Cat is tied to a Pudding: and yet you had better have Saturn there then Mars.


That City will be most infortunate, whose foundation is laid when Mars is in M.C. for many of its Citizens and Princes or Rulers will die by the sword.


When the foundation is laid, let not the Moon be in Conjunction with Saturn, nor yet with the Dragons tail, nor yet let Saturn be in the Ascendent, nor yet in the fourth, if he be infortunate; for then the building will go on slowly, and be finished at Dooms-day in the afternoon; or if ever it be finished, and made habitable, the inhabitants wil be possessed with incessant fears, and vain illusions, and fooleries, and thieves, and tribulations: and a thousand to one, if the building at last do not fall down upon a sudden.


If Mars be so seated, or so aspected, as we speak of Saturn in the fromer Aphorism, the house will be burnt down.


If there be any phantastical apparitions in a house, and thou wouldst fain remove them, let not the Moon be in the Ascendent, in any of these signes, nor any of them ascending; viz. Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarie : and let her separate from evil Planets, and apply to good ones.


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