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Opus Astrologicum


An Astrological WORK Left to POSTERITY

Year: 1654

By Nicholas Culpeper

ELECTIONS Concerning Journeys (11 – 30)


In journeys, the greatest impediment a Planet can have, is to be peregrine.


Cancer regards the Sea most; and Pisces, Rivers.


Every thing which is suddenly made, and suddenly destroyed, and suddenly re-made, the cause is in Mars.


Every thing that is suddenly made, and suddenly destroyed, and remains long in destruction, is caused by Saturn and Mars.


When you go a journey by land, ‘tis bad to have Mars in the ninth or third, because he signifies thieves: but ‘tis worse to have him in the second.


When you would go into the Country, let the Lord of the second house be in a fortunate place, and not in the fourth house, nor in the Ascendent.


At the very tie when you enter a journey, take heed there be no ill Planet in the seventh house: for that signifies evil will befall thee, in the place to which thou goest.


Yet if he be will dignified, and in good aspect to the Lord of the Ascendent, the mischief will not be much.


If the Lord of the ninth hosue be in the Ascendent, the journey will be made with honour and profit.


If the Lord of the Ascendent give power to the Lord of the ninth, the Journey will good and profitable.


In short Journeys, view the Lord of the third, because he is Lord of short Journeys.


In all Journeys, view the Moon, because she is general Significatrix of Journeys.


And have a special care to the Lord of the hour: for if he be impedited when you take a Journey, he will do as much mischief as the Lord of the Ascendent if he be impedited.


The Significator of Messengers and Ambassadors is the Lord of the fifth house.


The hours of Saturn and Mars are ill to take a journey in; the hours of Jupiter, Venus and the Luminaries, is good.


In Journeys, the impediments of Saturn are very many; and may be known by the nature of the Signe he is in.


For example: if in a Sea-journey, at the setting forth, Saturn ascend in Pisces, the ship will suffer ship-wrack.


Take no journey by Sea, when a fiery Signe ariseth: for then a watry Signe is in the eighth house.


If you go to a Prince or King, let the Sun be fortunate, and let Aries or Leo ascend.


In all journeys, let not the Lord of the Ascendent nor hour be impedited, nor in combustion, nor Square, nor Opposition to the Sun; neither let the Moon be in the Ascendent.


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