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Opus Astrologicum


An Astrological WORK Left to POSTERITY

Year: 1654

By Nicholas Culpeper

ELECTIONS Concerning Journeys (31 – 50)


When the Sun is in his own house or exaltation in the day, or the Moon in hers in the night, and one of them Lord of the hour, it is good to take a journey.


If at such a time the Sun or Moon behold the tenth house, it is so much the better.


If the Sun or Moon give power to the Lord of the Ascendent, it is good.


By a Nativity you may judge which part of the world is best for any to live in: if you have not the Nativity, you may judge it by a Question.


If the Fortunes by joined with the Lord of the Ascendent, between the M.C. and the Ascendent, it is best for him to live eastward.


This is also so much the better, if the Question be demanded in the forenoon.


But if the Fortunes be between the seventh and fourth house, the Western part is best for him, and most profitable for him to live in. And if the Question be demanded between sun-set and mid-night, it is more prevalent.


The other parts of the heaven may easily be gathered from these.


These all will be far more significant, if the Lord of the hour be a Fortune, and the Lord of the Ascendent joined with a Fortune.


If a Question be demanded, to know the return of a man, behold whether the Lord of the Ascendent, or the Moon, be in the tenth, or in the Ascendent: for then he will return.


If the Lord of the Ascendent be retrograde, he will quickly return: if direct, it makes his return the slower.


Moveable Signes hasten his return; fixed, delay it; mean Signes make him travel from one place to another.


If the Lord of the Ascendent give his strength to the Lord of the ninth or third houses, or to any Planet in those houses, his return will be slow enough.


If the Lord of the Ascendent be in the tenth, in a moveable Signe, he will not stay a day before he come home, but certain hours onely.


By considering the Signe the Significator is in, whether fickle, fixed, or mean, and his difference from the Cusp of the Angle, or from the body or Aspect of the Significator of the Querent; and guiding your judgement by Reason, according to the thing quesited, you may judge how many hours, days, weeks, months, or years, it will be before he return.


The Moon also hath great strength in such Questions.


Notwithstanding, if she be in the second, sixth, eighth, or twelfth houses, regard her not.


Also, if the Ascendent be Leo or Aquarius, Gemini or Sagittary, the Moon is of little force: not so in other Signes; the reason is, because these Signes have no aspect to Cancer the house of the Moon.


Also, give the Lord of the fifth house to the Messenger or Ambassadour; and the Lord of the Ascendent to the Querrent; and give judgement of his return by the former Rules.


If the Question be about any that is sent to receive money, see what application the Lord of the fifth hath with the Lord of the second, and judge accordingly.


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