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Opus Astrologicum


An Astrological WORK Left to POSTERITY

Year: 1654

By Nicholas Culpeper

Elections for such as go to War (16 – 29)


If there be no aspect, nor collection, nor translation of light, &c. between the Lord of the Ascendent, and the Lord of the seventh, there will be no war at all.



If there be a good aspect, and the Planets good, there will be a firm and lasting peace established by the free consent of both parties.



If you would know whether the defendants have victuals or treasure, view the eighth House, and the Planets in it: for that is the second from the seventh; and signifies their substance and the Lord thereof will shew either their poverty or abundance.



If Saturn, Mars or the Dragons tail be there, they want; if Jupiter, Venus, part of fortune or the Dragons head be there, they have abundance; & the more that House is strengthened the better they are provided.



The like you may judge of the Assailants, by the second House, which is the House of their substance.



If the Lord of the seventh House be in the fourth, or the Lord of the fourth House in the seventh, it is good for the defendant, provided they are not impedited; for this one testimony is sufficient both in wars and law-suits.



Judge the like by the Ascendent and tenth for the Assailant.



It is not good to fight when the Lord of the Ascendent is in the eighth House.



The Sun doth no good in the Ascendent in the hour of battail, nor yet joined to the Lord of the Ascendent.



The assailant always loseth the battail, if the Lord of the Ascendent be an infortune, or retrograde, or combust.



But if the Lord of the seventh be so, the defendant will be beaten, and he that begins the battail first, will have the victory.



Let no King go to battail, when the Lord of the Ascendent applies to the seventh House.



There is no taking of a City, when the City Signe is the Ascendent at the revolution of the yeer of the world.



When the Moon, Saturn, and Mars, are joined together in the same degree, Kings will be deposed, and there will be much effusion of blood, and war, in the places signified by that Signe they joined in.



This Treatise was revised,  1648.

Coeli enarrant Dei Gloriam.


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