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Didn't get my report

My report has the wrong birth date, birth time, or birth place

On my report, one of my planets is in the wrong sign or house

If one of your planets or points seems to be in the wrong zodiac sign or house, please check that the report has your correct birth information.

Please check your birth information at this link to make sure we have the right information: Order Lookup.

If any birth information is wrong, you can change it here: Change Birth Information.

If your birth information is correct but your zodiac sign or house seems wrong, consider double-checking your birth chart's "info sheet" at this link: Birth Chart Info Sheet.

If something still appears wrong, please tell us here so that we can fix your report.

Check my birth date, birth time, time zone, or place

When does my term end?

Look up my order

What house system is used?In the parts of the report that use houses, the Campanus house system is used.