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The Meaning of A Planet in Conjunction To 1 of Your Angles

The Meaning of A Planet in Conjunction To 1 of Your Angles
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Updated March 26, 2021
Originally posted February 19, 2016
By Corinne Lane     18 Comments

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If you have a planet in your birth chart in conjunction to one of your four important angles, it can override a lot of things. You will identify very strongly with this planet. This planet’s characteristics will likely overpower those of your Sun sign. This is one more reason why people don’t act like their Sun sign.

The four important angles (aka points) are the Ascendant, Midheaven (Medium Coeli, or M.C. for short), Descendant, and Nadir (Imum Coeli, or I.C. for short). These four points are important because they are points of intersection in space — intersections between your personal chart and the celestial sphere. This is where you and Earth collide. This is where you enter and meet the Earth in this life.

The angles are highly sensitive points. When anything touches them, you feel it strongly. When a transiting planet makes a conjunction to one of your angles, events related to the angle are inevitable. For example, a Saturn or Venus transit to your Midheaven will undoubtedly affect your public image or your career.

We may, or may not, notice transits to our natal planets, but we always notice transit conjunctions to our natal angles.

In your birth chart, when a planet is in conjunction to any one of the angles, it will color your whole personality. You’ll behave, to a large extent, with the characteristics of that planet. Those characteristics will be more publicly evident than those of your Sun sign.

If you’ve ever noticed a person that acts absolutely nothing like their Sun sign, this may be the reason (or this). That person may very well have a planet in conjunction to an angle, and this would overpower their Sun sign qualities.

It’s not that the Sun sign disappears, nor that the Sun sign is invalid. Rather, the added influence of the planet conjunct to an angle is so strong that it just ends up more pronounced than the Sun sign.

It’s like a chocolate-covered banana. The banana is like the Sun sign. Now, take that banana and dip the whole thing in chocolate. The “dipping in chocolate” is like the planet which is in conjunction to an angle. See, the banana is still a banana, underneath. But, now, the chocolate is what we see. If you touch the banana, you will not get banana on you; you’ll get chocolate on you. When the banana looks in the mirror, it just sees chocolate.

So, the Sun sign would still define the “core needs” of the individual. A person with a planet in conjunction to an angle would still have the basic needs of their Sun sign, but they would act out like the planet which conjuncts their angle.

If the planet making a conjunction to your angle is Mars, we call you a Martian or a Mars-type person. If the planet is Venus, we call you a Venusian or a Venus-type person. If it’s the Sun, we call you a show-off. (Just kidding, about that last one.)

Below are some common characteristics of the different planet types.

Planet-type Descriptions For People

NOTE: It’s true that anyone can have any of the following characteristics from time to time, but please note that people with that planet conjunct to their angle will more strongly embody those characteristics, and they’ll do so most of the time rather than just occasionally.

Sun-type People

Solar people or Sun-type people are warm, generous, vivacious, full of life, pleasant, good leaders, confident, and creative on good days. On bad days, Sun-types can be egotistical, strong-willed, arrogant, bossy, and self-centered.

The motto for Sun-types: “I am.”

Moon-type People

Lunar people or Moon-type people are adaptable, sensitive, understanding, perceptive, receptive, intuitive, caring, and nurturing on good days. On bad days, Moon-types can be very moody, inconstant, changeable, overly emotional, melodramatic, and feel sorry for themselves.

The motto for Moon-types: “I feel.”

Mercury-type People

Mercurial people or Mercury-type people are thinkers, communicators, masters of versatility, masters of expression, quick-witted, intelligent, clever, persuasive, effervescent, energetic, brilliant, and have a sharp/quick mind on good days. On bad days, Mercury-types can be restless, high-strung, anxious, critical, sarcastic, argumentative, deceitful, tricksters, swindlers, sly, and have a nervous tic.

The motto for Mercury-types: “I think.”

Venus-type People

Venusians or Venus-type people are affectionate, graceful, charming, tactful, diplomatic, friendly, attractive, and have sex-appeal on good days. On bad days, Venus-types can be pliant (bending too easily, taking the easy way out), self-indulgent, lazy, jealous, envious, lustful, overly flirtatious, and unfaithful.

The motto for Venus-types: “I love.”

Mars-type People

Martians or Mars-types always take the initiative. They turn ideas into action. They have a healthy dose of assertiveness, vitality, energy, heated passion, and ambition on good days. On bad days, Mars-type people are prone to anger, harshness, destructive violence, impulsive behavior, combativeness and every kind of cruelty.

The motto for Mars-types: “I act.”

Jupiter-type People

Jupiterians or Jupiter-type people are benevolent, kind, charitable, wise, moral, spiritual/philosophical and have an urge for self-improvement on good days. On bad days, Jupiter-types can be conceited, self-righteousness, excessive, over-indulgent, squandering, exaggerated, superficial, “preachy,” and bigoted. However, even on bad days, they learn when they’re wrong, and they always “land on their feet.”

The motto for Jupiter-types: “I grow.”

Saturn-type People

Saturnine people or Saturn-type people are organized, disciplined, responsible, orderly, have a strong understanding of organized systems, and have a strong sense of duty on good days. On bad days, Saturn-types can be selfish, cold, morose, depressed, and pessimistic.

The motto for Saturn-types: “I achieve.”

Uranus-type People

Uranians or Uranus-type people are original, unique, different, shocking, creative, geniuses, mad scientists, versatile, and independent on good days. On bad days, Uranians can be rebellious, eccentric, deviant, and abnormal. On all days, Uranian-types demand freedom to march to their own drumbeat. (Note that the rest of the planets orbit like a spinning top, or like a spinning basketball, but Uranus is the only one that orbits on its side like a rolling ball.)

The motto for Uranus-types: “I evolve.”

Neptune-type People

Neptunians or Neptune-type people are idealistic, abstract, imaginative, impressionable, sensitive, inspiring, compassionate, receptive, serving, and spiritual healers on good days. They’re masters of taking the intangible and abstract and making them real. Whether the intangible/abstract is art, music, dance, film, math, poetry, or computer code, they give it form and make it real so that it inspires others. On bad days, Neptune-type people are prone to be vague, illusive, cloudy, unreal, confused, delusional, get lost in a foggy world of fantasy and dreams, and escape reality through various methods.

The motto for Neptune-types: “I dream.”

Pluto-type People

Plutonians or Pluto-type people are transformational, transcendent, regenerative, deep, mysterious, psychologists, and healers on good days. On bad days, Pluto-type people are prone to recklessness, turning things upside down, mental obsession, obsessive desires, compulsion, and emotional repression. Some Plutonians are suffering, tormented souls.

The motto for Pluto-types: “I empower.”

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  1. What if in a person’s natal chart they have conjunctions to more than one angle? also what if more than one planet conjuncts each angle? Will the closer aspect have more influence? Will the Asc have more influence than the other 3 angles?

    • Something on said:

      They will embody those as well. Uranus conjuncts my MC, Mercury my DC, and Jupiter my IC. I’d say I am equally all, but perhaps the later two are subordinate (at the service) of my MC conjunction (Uranus). That is, I am original, rebellious, and unique (Uranus) in my thinking (Mercury), in my philosophical/intellectual thoughts (Jupiter)….I really have the three very strongly, and they are the pillars of my personality (or I should say the part of my personality that I am proud of…because I have tons of other qualities that I don’t like).

  2. I have Venus in Gemini in conjunction to my Ascendant also in Gemini with the planet venus in the 1st house. I have looked at every website imaginable to see if there is a precise written article or explanation of this type of conjunction . Could anyone explain what this really means,I would be so grateful for any feedback.

    • Based on the explanation in this article, it looks like your Venus conjunction your ASC in Gemini will cause for you to identify very strongly with Venus-type qualities. Likewise, since the angle in question is the ASC, you will come across and appear to others as a Venus-type person. Initially, without the conjunction, you would be a rising Gemini and thus come across as a Gemini-type person – anxious, nervous energy; playful, witty, intelligent, and very sociable. With the conjunction, Venus is now taking over and will color you (mostly) with VENUS-TYPE qualities: sensual, artistic, attractive, friendly. Venus may even enhance your social nature, as this is the ruler of Libra, another air sign, highly sociable!

      There is a lot more to play with in regards to interpreting this particular aspect. I’d be glad to assist! I hope this was somewhat helpful.

    • Shalamar on said:

      This is merely a guess, but by any chance are you VERY flighty upon occasion? Do you catch yourself being VERY indecisive about how you really, truly feel about people, places, things, situations…so much so that you feel almost paralyzed by that inability to settle on and stick with any decision, big or small? Anddddd….do you have a very strong sensual sense about yourself? As in, do you know deep inside that you have oodles of irresistible sex appeal? An innate sensual charisma that you couldn’t turn off even if you wanted to???
      I’m actually pretty curious about my take on the celestial mix you have going on!

  3. Wonderful article. The banana dipped in chocolate is a marvelous metaphor. I too am wondering how to interpret a chart with more than one angle conjunct a planet? Would this be a blending of the energies? Also, aren’t there differences in the affect of each angle on the conjunct planet, much like the house affect? For example, would the Ascendant affect more the body and life path while the M.C. may affect the public image and the IC affect the mental condition and finally the Descendant affect the business and personal relationships? These comments suggest you could write an entire article in repone (hint :) ). I love all the articles on this site as they provide a clear and concise explanation and stimulate further thought on the topic. Thank you again for all your contributions.

  4. I always wondered why I think I’m more of an Aries rather than a Taurus (my sun sign). My rising sign is Libra, and my sun and mercury are in Taurus, all ruled by Venus, and my Venus is in Aries. (My sun is also in the 7th house, and Aries rules my 7th house). This series of articals helped me interpret my chart more and I really loved all of it.

  5. I have Venus conjunct Saturn and both conjunct ascendant. Venus is at 2 degrees and Saturn at 4 degrees in Taurus in 12th. Ascendant is at 6 degrees. I have had many want secret love affairs with me. Im against extra-marital affairs. Must be the seriousness of Saturn. Ive also had many secret admirers. Only to learn of the secret desires later. Strange?? Ive been tokd that I have a mysterious aura. Perhaps, this aspect the reason.

  6. I’m a total mess: I have Mars and Jupiter in my AC; Neptune, Saturn and Uranus in my MC; and Pluto in my descendant. Maybe I have multiple personalities!

  7. I have Mars in Aries at 8°, Sun in Aries 15°, Mercury in Aries 23°, and even the south node also in Aries at 17°. My ascendant is at 16° degree Aries btw..
    I also have Jupiter in capricorn at 16°, conjunct my Midheaven within 2 degrees of orbs, and then I have North Node in Libra at 17°.. Sun, Jupiter and the Node form a To-square with the MC and Jupiter as its focal planet and point.
    My only question : do you think Mercury and Mars were conjunct my Ascendant? Cause sometimes I can’t feel the energy of these planets on me, although I’m Aries dominant.. Thanks

    • Sarah G on said:

      WOW, your chart seems so interesting! I am not the author, but I have some knowledge on this myself, so let me try to help. It looks like you have a square with Jupiter 16′ Capricorn and your ASC 16′ Aries. You should really look into that, because that may be why you are not feeling the Aries dominance. You may have more Sag or Capricorn energies dominating. Also, look into the aspects Mercury and Mars makes with other planets in your natal chart, that must be another reason why you aren’t feeling the Aries dominance.

      Also, to answer your question (my guess, of course), since Mercury is 23′ Aries and Mars is at 8′ Aries (compared to ASC 16′ Aries), then there probably isn’t such a strong conjunction, if any; since it is above the 5 degree range that astrologers typically look to determine the strength of the relationship . Also, are they all in the same HOUSE?

  8. Anastasia on said:

    I am dominant AIR, including ASC. Only planets not in air are Mars(earth), Saturn(earth), Neptune(water) and Pluto(earth). Zero fire signs.

    Only planet conjunct an angle is Neptune in Scorpio conjunct the MC. I don’t feel Neptunian at all. Can’t relate. Hmmm?

  9. I am a very interesting character that all my planets are in 3 houses, all stelliums (Saturn, Sun, Mercury and Venus) in Aries, in 10th House at my Midheaven which is just a couple degrees off my North Node. Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter all in House 3 at my IC and Uranus is less than a degree from my South Node. The Pluto, Mars and Moon all together in my 5th house.

    How would I interpret this?

  10. Saturn and Uranus conjunct ASC, mercury in the nadir. I can relate to this article. I think, I achieve, I evolve. Great job!

  11. I don’t have water elements in my chart (if we exclude south node & Ceres), but I’m sensitive as hell, a cry baby at that. This makes people easy to open up to me apparently, but it also take a toll to my very being, as I’m very empathetic. My Moon is in 3rd house, just 2 degrees away from my IC, Neptune in 9th house conjunct MC by 7 degrees. And then I have the so called geniuses planets conjunct angles. Mercury in 12th house conjunct ASC by 10 degrees, Uranus in 10th house conjunct MC by 1 degree. Tbh, I struggle a lot during my childhood, as I learned that my kind of process to learn something is very different with what the school provided. I think I kinda get a hang of it years after that? And fast forward, in my high school people always called me smart. But then I realized, I lost my footing, I don’t know where to go after that. I lost my dreams. I think I should pay more attention to my Uranus & Neptune, they’re two of the most elevated planets in my chart.

  12. I’m still trying to figure out how to read the chat to figure out the ASC,MC, DEC, IC.. all the lines and points and signs make no sense. I’m trying to figure it out but I haven’t found an article or video that explains it in a way I can understand. Can anyone help a true beginner to all of this?!

    • If you’re struggling with reading the Chart Wheel, try to find a chart that’s in graph form. But also the angles are denoted not by symbols but Asc (Ascendant), MC (Midheaven), I.C. (Imum Coeli), and Dc or Dsc (Descendant). They work like any other symbol in your birth chart wheel. Find where they are on the wheel and it corresponds to the house and sign they’re in. Hope this helps.

  13. Shauna Marie on said:

    Loved this article…thank you! I am a Gemini Ascendant/Taurus Sun/Capricorn Moon. I have *three* planets conjunct my ASC – Mars, Venus and Mercury – all rising! I also have Neptune conjunct my descendant…and, not sure how these two fit into the mix…but I also have Vesta and Black Moon Lilith conjunct one another, as well as both being conjunct my IC!! AND…also not sure of the significance…but I have both my Lot of Fortune and Lot of Eros within 10° of my MC. 💗💗💗

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