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Opus Astrologicum


An Astrological WORK Left to POSTERITY

Year: 1654

By Nicholas Culpeper

PROGNOSTICATIONS AND Astrological Secrets (1 – 20)

Astrological Secrets.
Collected by
Student in Astrology
and Physick.
Elaudandus Deus ect in operibus suis.

Printed for Rich. Moone & Steph. Chatfield.



When you hear any News, or else in Questions about News, behold the Ascendent and his Lord, and the Lord of the hour.


If the Dragons tail, Saturn, or Mars be there, or the Lord of the Ascendent with them, there is not a word of it true.


If Jupiter, Venus, or the Sun be there, not impedited, ‘tis true enough.


If no Planet be in the Ascendent, view the fifth house: if any Planet be there, judge by the former Rules.


If there no Planet there neither, view the Lord of the hour; see whether he be Direct or Retrograde, in what house he is, and to what Planet he is aspected. Your own Reason, and the former Rules, will help you to judge of the matter.


The part of reports is taken from the distance from Mercury to the Moon, counting so much by the Ascendent: you may judge by that: for if that be in a fixed Signe, or a Signe of right ascensions, it is likely to be true; otherwise false.


If the Ascendent be a moveable Signe, especially Aries, be sure there is never a word of it true.


If the Fortuens be in angles, ‘tis probable to be true: if the Infortunes be there, ‘tis false, unless it belong to the Infortunes.


As for example: if it belong to Wars, or strife, and Mars be in an angle, they are true.


If Jupiter be there, ‘tis false, because Jupiter loves Peace; War is contrary to his nature.


Likewise if Saturn be angular, and the report be concerning death, captivity, or sickness, ‘tis true, because they are of his nature.


If a Letter come to thee, and thou wouldst know his intent that sent it; the man that sent it is signified by the Planet the Moon separated from ; the messenger, by the Lord of the fifth house; thy self by the Lord of the Ascendent: and Mercury is the general significator of writing Letters.


At the time when you search for hid treasures, let the Lord of the Ascendent be in the tenth or eleventh houses, or else give his strength to the Lord of them: let the Moon apply to a Planet above the earth: let Jupiter be Lord of the hour; let him not be retrograde nor combust, nor impedited; nor let Saturn nor Mars be in angles.


If a Question be demanded, when any shall get out of prison, or captivity, behold the Ascendent and his Lord.


If the Lord of the Ascendent be angular, especially in the fourth house, it will be long ere he be delivered.


The like if the Moon be angular; worse in the twelfth, or joined or aspected to the Lord of the twelfth.


The like if the Lord of the Ascendent be joyned to the Lord of the twelfth: for then if Saturn or Mars be Lord of the twelfth, he will die in prison.


If you would know his intents that laid him in prison, behold the Lord of the seventh house, and judge accordingly.


Moveable Signes hasten delivery; so doth the Lord of the third house, in aspect to the Lord of the Ascendent, or the Moon or Lord of the Ascendent in the third house.


When a man comes to demand a Question, it is possible to know what his thoughts are, before he reveals them.


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