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Opus Astrologicum


An Astrological WORK Left to POSTERITY

Year: 1654

By Nicholas Culpeper

PROGNOSTICATIONS AND Astrological Secrets (21 – 35)


Behold where the Lord of the Ascendent is; provided he be not combust, nor retrograde, nor in his detriment or fall: for then you must heed the Moon, and the Lord of the hour.


Consider them: if they, or which is strongest of them, be in the first house, the Querent comes about himself; if in the second, about his estate or good.


If in the first part of the third, about little journeys; in the second, about his brethren.


In the first part of the fourth, his father, mother, or ancestors; the second part, his house, farm, or ship: if it be a watry Signe, the third part, of the end of some business.


In the first part of the fifth, children or scholars; the second, joy or play; the third, clothes or ornaments; the fourth, reports, letters, books, or messengers.


In the first part of the sixth, of sickness; the second, of servants; the third, of small cattel.


In the first part of the seventh, of his wife or sweet-heart; the second, of his society; the third, of theft, or goods lost.


In the first part of the eighth, of death or fear; in the second part, dividing inheritance; in the third, of debts.


In the first part of the ninth, of Religion, or Laws; the second, of journeys; the third, of dreams.


In the tenth, of Kings, Princes or Potentates; of honour, office, or dignity.


In the first part of the eleventh, of Merchants, or Merchandizing; the second, riches; the third, of friends.


The first part of the twelfth, enemies; the second, captivity; the third, beasts.


If the Lord of the Ascendent be impedited, or not in a Signe of his own sex, take the Moon: if the Moon be in no better case, take the Lord of the hour.


There are two Significators special of Questions: First, the Planet which the Lord of the Ascendent is separated from. Secondly, the Planet the Moon is separated from.


The general Significator is the Planet which hath most dignities in the Ascendent, or in the Conjunction of Opposition of the Sun and Moon, if it were neer at hand, or in the Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter, if that were also newly past.

I shall insert one Example for this, and so conclude.

A certain man came to an Artist about a Question, without revealing one particular, but onely the general, what he came about.

First, he viewed the Lady of the Ascendent, from whom she was separated; and that was from the Sun, who is Lord of the eleventh house, and is in the fourth: by that, he knew the Question was about something which he loved; which was signified by the fourth house; viz. either his father, or his mother. But because the Moon is separated from the Lord of the seventh, which is the house of women, he knew it was his mother he came to enquire about. And because the Moon is in the house of Journeys, he knew it was about some Journey his mother was about to take; which is aggravated by her being disposed by Mercury in the third house.

And because Venus is opposite to Jupiter in the tenth house, he said she was going to the King.

But because both of them are Retrograde, and in Opposition, and Venus in the fall of Jupiter, he said the King would frown upon her at the first; as also because the Moon is received by Mercury Lord of the twelfth house.

Yet because Jupiter is a Fortune, in his exaltation, in an Angle, free from the beams of Saturn and Mars, he said he would hear her, at last; also, because the Moon disposeth Jupiter, and is in an humane Signe.

This was all true.

Revised, 1648.



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