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Progressed Ascendant in Leo

Progressed Ascendant in Leo

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The interpretations for the progressed ascendant in Leo on this page are from The Progressed Horoscope by Alan Leo (1906). Be sure to also see the interpretation for your Progressed Moon in the Houses.

Progressed Ascendant in Leo

An entirely new set of experiences will now commence. The native will have his heart awakened, and the feeling side of the nature will be turned from personal attachment into individual feeling and emotion.

He will expand his sentiments and make positive and vital his sympathies, according to this growth in evolution.

To the truly progressive, love-ties and heart-emotions will be purified in the fire that ever burns in the heart, and the love-nature will be indrawn until it radiates like the Sun, free and powerful, and illuminative to all. To the ordinary individual it means an excess of vitality, a greater love of pleasure, and to the undeveloped profligacy, or an excess of feeling which may run back into sensation.

It will give a keen appreciation of the drama, and some ability to imitate and mimic, the mirthful and cheerful side of the nature being now increased; but to all it will give an opportunity to be more magnanimous and generous, to act kindly, and to be more noble and high-spirited than previously. It will give strength and independence, good health and much better prospects; for the ambitions will be laudable, and ever for the higher development of character and general welfare.

Progressed Ascendant in 1st Decanate of Leo

If the progressed ascendant is in the first decanate of Leo (0 degrees to 9 degrees and 59 minutes), the general interpretation above applies.

Progressed Ascendant in 2nd Decanate of Leo

If the progressed ascendant is in the second decanate of Leo (10 degrees to 19 degrees and 59 minutes), the general interpretation for Progressed Ascendant in Leo applies, as well as this:

This is a fortunate and a more progressive portion of the sign, and it gives many opportunities to expand the Leo characteristics. It will bring a far more philosophical and religious frame of mind, and cause the native to have more respect for law and order, bringing out the internal harmony of Leo through a philosophical attitude of mind.

He will probably take a long journey or travel, and will also come into touch with some phase of higher thought and take some interest in those things that relate to the subjective world.

To those who are undeveloped this progressed ascendant will bring a gambling spirit, and a desire to follow speculative or risky ventures. To those able to take advantage of it in the proper manner it means a fortune by speculation; but the whole of the “directions” must be fortunate to bring about this result.

To the fully progressive this decanate will awaken the power to prophesy, or to give vent to very prophetic utterances. While under this influence, the native will have some remarkably vivid dreams and should note them, for they will have some special meaning.

It will be a period when the higher mind will act and the intuitions be keener than usual.

Progressed Ascendant in 3rd Decanate of Leo

If the progressed ascendant is in the third decanate of Leo (20 degrees to 29 degrees and 59 minutes), the general interpretation for Progressed Ascendant in Leo applies, as well as this:

This will temper the outgoing energies of Leo and bring more reason and mind development to balance the feeling and emotional side of the sign. There is, however, some danger of going to extremes while under the rule of this progressed ascendant, for it gives a liability to impulse and to some rash and hasty actions.

The native will be more assertive and positive than usual and inclined to become enterprising and very energetic. It will accentuate the activities and cause him to view life from a more progressive and ambitious standpoint.

To those who are very progressive it will bring much more of the pioneer spirit and a great desire to lead, and will, if opportunity affords, increase patriotism and enthusiasm; with the ordinary person it will develop more intellect, so that there will be an effort to blend heart with head.

But very few can realise the highest standard of this progressed ascendant, which is—Truth, and the courage of conviction, enabling one to carry out principles through all obstacles and difficulties. The native will have plenty of force and a great deal of courage, and should under favourable directions profit in many ways through the influence of this decanate; more especially by his own power and assertiveness, which in its highest aspect should be Will and Self-control.

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