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Progressed Ascendant in Scorpio

Progressed Ascendant in Scorpio

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The interpretations for the progressed ascendant in Scorpio on this page are from The Progressed Horoscope by Alan Leo (1906). Be sure to also see the interpretation for your Progressed Moon in the Houses.

Progressed Ascendant in Scorpio

This is a very pronounced and decided influence, and its effect upon the native’s life will be to awaken the latent possibilities of his nature. He will be more determined, and will become very firm in his decisions, and may through fixity of purpose carry his ambitions to a successful issue; but there is a dangerous side to this progression of the horoscope.

For with the feeling of firmness that will accompany it he will gain some knowledge of his own inherent power, and this will arouse any pride or dignity that may be latent in the nature.

He will also experience feelings of jealousy, and will be inclined to sarcastic and caustic utterances when vexed or offended, for the gentler side of the nature will be overlaid by this apparently coarser vibration; but it is the awakening of the real potency of the nature that will give rise to this change. If this manifestation does not occur then it will be a sign that he has not yet come under its influence.

To the very progressive it will bring a strong occult tendency, and awaken a love of the mystical and mysterious side of things. The native will be more than usually secretive, and will experience in the decade that lies before him more than he has done for many years past.

Progressed Ascendant in 1st Decanate of Scorpio

If the progressed ascendant is in the first decanate of Scorpio (0 degrees to 9 degrees and 59 minutes), the general interpretation above applies.

Progressed Ascendant in 2nd Decanate of Scorpio

If the progressed ascendant is in the second decanate of Scorpio (10 degrees to 19 degrees and 59 minutes), the general interpretation for Progressed Ascendant in Scorpio applies, as well as this:

This will bring many unique experiences; it marks a somewhat critical period, when danger threatens. Some great sorrow will come into the native’s life during the ten years over which this progressed ascendant rules. He should be very guarded in all his actions, for there is some trouble indicated by this influence; his health also is likely to suffer and he may have some connection with hospitals or kindred institutions while it operates. It denotes some kind of confinement, either concerning the native himself or others.

The very progressive individual is much drawn to the occult in some form or other at this time, becoming either mediumistic or else in some other way very receptive to psychic influences.

The native should be very temperate now and onward, and live as discreetly as he can, for he will pass through many temptations while this decanate is upon the ascendant. He will come into contact with persons who are passing through much trouble, and in general will see the sad side of life in many forms. He should live as purely as he possibly can, and should also be on guard against treachery and enemies; especially females, who are not well disposed towards him.

Progressed Ascendant in 3rd Decanate of Scorpio

If the progressed ascendant is in the third decanate of Scorpio (20 degrees to 29 degrees and 59 minutes), the general interpretation for Progressed Ascendant in Scorpio applies, as well as this:

This will bring some domestic experiences of a rather sad and sorrowful nature. It will bring deaths into the family circle and cause domestic changes of a troublesome type. It will incline the native to be sarcastic, and will cause him to be exceedingly receptive to psychic influences of all kinds; it is not a good period that it heralds, and will bring many very strange experiences into the life while it lasts.

To those what are making great progress it will bring a very strong leaning towards the occult, and a love of all things mystical. To those who are in any way receptive to its vibrations it will cause romantic and peculiar attachments, though nothing very favourable will come out of them.

It seems to indicate changes that are enforced rather than sought. It denotes a peculiar psychic and weird period when happenings of an unusual character are almost sure to eventuate. If the directions are evil it will be a very trying time, when affairs will tend to go wrong more or less; therefore the whole time should be one of care and caution.

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  1. Edward Barber on said:

    While in the 2nd Decanate of Scorpio I wonder if progressed Asc, goes in opposition to Lylith (which also happens to be 1 1/2 degrees off from conjucting the 8th house cusp) what would the effects might be? the lady in question is 38 byears old and married.

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