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Physical Appearance of Rising Signs According To Nicholas Culpeper in 1647

Physical Appearance of Rising Signs According To Nicholas Culpeper

Updated September 16, 2019
Originally posted August 9, 2015
By Corinne Lane     2 Comments

Nicholas Culpeper wrote these descriptions of physical appearance according to a person’s Rising Sign. He collected these in 1647 and they were published in 1654.

Note that he also added descriptions of a person’s physical appearance based on the planets (if they are rising), saying that “By comparing the Planet with the sign he is in, the description of the body is found out.” A planet is considered to by “rising” if it is near the ascendant of your chart, usually within 10 degrees above or below the ascendant.

By Nicholas Culpeper in Opus Astrologicum:

Under Aries are born men of thick hair, white or yellowish, curling, long visage, crooked nose, hazle eyes, little ears, short legs, little feet; the first 15 degrees give a more gross body then the later.

Under Taurus are born men of a short and thick stature, big, broad men, high forehead, wide nose, great mouth, fat short neck, dark ruddy colour, short arms, thick hands, thick black hair, big buttocks, short legs, slowe to anger; but if once angered, hardly ever pleased again.

Gemini gives a delicate, strait, well-composed, and well-set body, good colour, bright clear eyes, good sight, and piercing; long arms, long hands and feet, large brest, brown hair, good wit, fluent tongue, and apt discourse; yet a man of no great fidelity.

Cancer gives but a little short stature; yet the later fifteen degrees give a more full body then the former: you know one Sprat may be something bigger then another: the upper parts of the body are more thick then the lower; disorder in the teeth, little eyes, blackish hair, a lowe whining voice.

Leo arising, gives great head and eyes, quick sight, a large, lusty, strong body; full of metal, courageous, stout-hearted; thick, broad shoulders, yellowish or flaxen hair; a big great voice, resolute spirit, aspiring brain, of a generous, free-hearted, and courteous disposition.

Virgo arising at a Nativity, gives a spare body, yet well composed; a mean stature, lovely brown complexion, great eyes, thick black hair, subtil wit, no great fidelity, aiming at self-ends.

Scorpio gives but short stature, yet a big-limbed, full, and well-set body, strong and active, willful, malicious, false, and deceitful; sad-brown hair, dark sallow complexion, a short neck; quick in motion of body, but of reserved thoughts.

‘Twere pity to have missed Libra, the comeliest of person, and uprightest in condition of all the Zodiack.

Libra gives a delicate, comely, strait body; a round, fair, and well-favoured face, hair for the most part flaxen or light-brown, but sometimes black: a cheerful well-spoken creature; red lips, cherry-cheeks; a tall slender body; courteous, impartial, just and upright in all their dealings.

Under Sagittarius are born strait, well-proportioned-bodies, strong and well-set; of a loving cheerful countenance, high colour, oval visages, good horse-men, and great shooters; stout hearts, brown hair; and quickly bald.

Capricorn gives a very slender weakly man, dry and mean, the face lean and thin; blackish hair, and is exceeding [thick] [missing word/s] pale; man as big about the middle as about the brests; long neck, a disproportioned body; witty, cholerick, and [missing word].

Under Aquarius are born men of a middle stature, well shaped, clear skin, fair visage, yet more lovely than beautiful or curious, yet a handsome composed body, a whitish-bright hair, and sometimes yellow.

And lastly, Pisces gives a short, ill-composed body, yet a good face of clean complexion and colour; thick shoulders, brown hair, fat and plump in all parts; an idle body, else no way hurtful.

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  1. This is a much more accurate and realistic description of Leo Rising than even some more recent portrayals! And modern astrologers should go back to the ancient and medieval descriptions instead of watering down the signs and trying to change or tame them.

  2. I feel ugly

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