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Opus Astrologicum


An Astrological WORK Left to POSTERITY

Year: 1654

By Nicholas Culpeper

The Authour To The Reader [INTRODUCTION]

Courteour Reader,

I have here collected and publish the most choice and principal Astrological Aphorisms used in the Resolution of Horary Questions; with Elections and Considerations of great use in going to War, taking journeys, erecting buildings, making Marriages, &c. and reduced them into such a plain and easie Language and Method, as will suit with a very mean capacity: not for Gain, Profit, nor Vain-glory, (for those things I never desired, nor sought after) but out of an earnest desire to benefit my own Country-men, (who do very much want English Tracts of this nature) to advance this kinde of Learning, to serve and assist those that are Learners and Students in this so admirable, so excellent an Art and Mystery, and to stir up more active pens to a publishing things of this nature, at this time, now this kinde of Learning is so much vilified and reproached (by a company of men that are both ignorant and malicious, who like the Fox in the Fable that discommended the Grapes because he could not reach them, so these despise Learning because they cannot attain unto it.

But the Reproaches of the Ignorant I shall not value, nor shall I doubt but that the Ingenious will make a good construction of these my Labours, (which will very much encourage me to proceed in my intended works in this kind) but if not, I had rather have the Reproofs of the Wise, then the Applause of Fools.



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