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Opus Astrologicum


An Astrological WORK Left to POSTERITY

Year: 1654

By Nicholas Culpeper

The Stationers To The Readers [INTRODUCTION 2]

Gentlemen, &c.

We suppose you are not ignorant of the (praiseworthy) Labours which this Author (of deserved Memory) hath (heretofore) published; therefore it would be a needless Task for us to undertake the Praise of him, (who is so generally known, and whose Parts are so highly approved of, and commended by the most Ingenious of this Age) or the true worth of the Work itself, which a short time and experience will give you to understand.

All we shall trouble you (or ourselves) with herein, is, onely to assure you that this Tract is certainly his, (under whose name it goes) and no abuse fathered upon him: which plainly appears by the testimony of his own hand-writing, in the Original Manuscript: for he had completely perfected it, with a full intent to publish it, long before his death: but some urgent occasion frustrating his then-resolution, it rested for a time; in which space death suddenly snatching him away, he could not see it printed; But having committed it to the custody of a friend, he choicely kept it, and hath now permitted it to be published, to the honour of his dear friend, though dead, yet living; and for the perpetual good of all those who truly love Arts and Science.

            Richard Moon,

Stephen Chatfield.



[NOTE: Culpeper’s Opus was Printed in LONDON, in 1654 by F. Cottrel, for Ri. Moone and Steph. Chatfield;]


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